Easy Cardio Moves That Help Lose More Weight Than Running

There is no substitute for running. You get to see nature’s most wonderful things, breathe fresh air whilst exhausting your calories. It is the safest road you can take to acquiring a fit body. But despite the profound results running has on your body and life in general, not everyone is eager to hop on this path to wellbeing. Most of the times trainers are faced with time constraints or lack of enthusiasm when it comes to hitting the road.

Following are easy cardio moves that can help you lose more weight than running would do.

Agility Ladder

If you want your calories burned like a piece of wood in a furnace, engage into periodic bursts of speed and balance while sprinting on an agility ladder circuit. You weight loss dreams can come true even faster if you take minimal rest between the drills.

While it works miraculously in cutting down weight, the biggest benefits associated with this workout are for your brain. A research conducted in 2014 indicates that agility training enhances cognitive responses while increasing cardio levels. Rather than carelessly plodding along the jogging track, an agility run helps in improving VO2 max, focus, memory and footwork.

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Kettlebell Swing

A study conducted by University of Wisconsin shows that performing kettlebell swing helps target big muscle groups around the glutes and quads increasing your heart rate considerably. According to the research, trainers exhumed around 20 calories per minute while their heart rate reached 93% of its maximum in a 20-minute workout.

Since kettlebell swing is a workout most people are not used to, it shows a lot of impact usually other exercises don’t.
Rope Jumping

Jumping 120 skips per minute can help burn 13 calories while targeting almost all your major muscle groups. This workout is extremely useful for people who engage in drills that require foot skills and helps in providing balance and coordination to body movements.

Indoor Rows

According to a report by Harvard University, rowing can help burn 377 calories in a 30-minute session for a 190-pound trainer. It is great for overall body strength because it utilizes legs, back and arms for performing the strokes.


You can easily burn off 1.5 calories with each burpee. So if you manage to perform 7 of these fat-torching moves, you will be shedding fat in double digits. Another added benefit is that carrying out 10 burpees in 60 seconds can help you ignite your metabolism similar to a half-minute bike sprint.

Tabata Squats

Get most from your 4-minute HIIT workout by performing jump squats. A study by Auburn University at Montgomery shows that trainers who performed eight rounds of jump squats with a 20-minute cycle of hopping followed by 10-second period of rest burned off around 14 calories per minute. The Tabata squats also increased their post-workout metabolism for half an hour.

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Battling Ropes

If you are looking to strengthen your lungs while you cut off your unhealthy pounds, consider battling some ropes. A research carried out by College of New Jersey picked battle-rope as the top activity to burn calories with maximum oxygen consumption.