Forget “Supermom” – this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the true warrior within every mother. Beyond the daily routines and endless to-do lists lies a fierce spirit, battling unseen challenges with unwavering resilience. Like the most seasoned combat athletes, mothers face each day with grit, determination, and the unwavering courage to rise above adversity.

This Mother’s Day, let’s acknowledge their victories, big and small, and honour the warrior spirit that keeps them fighting for their families and themselves.

Stories of Warrior Moms

When talking about mothers as warriors, there are many stories of women who balance their families and careers. They fight for them, both in and out of the arena of combat sports. These literal warrior moms exemplify resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of victory, navigating unique challenges in both their sports and personal lives. Here are two such women:

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Michelle Waterson

Known as “The Karate Hottie,” Michelle has been an MMA fighter for 16 years and has been a staple in the strawweight division. Her journey demonstrates how one can balance the demands of motherhood and a professional sports career. Despite the rigorous training schedules and fight camps, Michelle manages to spend quality time with her daughter, Araya, showing the world that both roles are possible.

Whether it’s breastfeeding her daughter minutes before a fight or waiting to win a fight just because her daughter is watching her, Michelle has always been the tough mom prioritising her daughter. Michelle not only ensures that her child’s needs are met but also exemplifies the strength and resilience of a warrior mom who can tackle any challenge.

She says:

“You know, I am Mom Champ. A belt is just a belt. Obviously, it would be amazing to get that put around my waist, but to be able to face my fears, go after my dreams, and still be there for my daughter and allow her to flourish and for her to go after her dreams, that is in essence what Mom Champ is. Being a boss in both arenas.”

Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate is a remarkable figure in the world of combat sports, known not only for her achievements inside the octagon but also for her dedication to her family. A former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Miesha took a significant hiatus from professional fighting to focus on her family, demonstrating her commitment to balancing her career with her role as a mother.

After stepping away from the octagon, Miesha embraced motherhood, nurturing her two children and immersing herself in the responsibilities and joys of raising a family. Despite this pause in her fighting career, she continued to maintain her fitness and passion for the sport, which would later play a key role in her comeback.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Miesha opened up about the fears and concerns she faced, particularly regarding how her children would handle any post-fight injuries.

This candid admission highlights the dual nature of Miesha’s journey. On one hand, she is a fierce competitor, determined to reclaim her place in the octagon. On the other hand, she is a loving mother, deeply concerned about the well-being of her family.

The Qualities of a Warrior Mom

While there are stories of fighters setting benchmarks of balancing motherhood with a career, ordinary mothers are fighting in daily life on a different forefront, being warriors in their own way.

Their grit, resilience and strength set examples in the books of motherhood that are in no way less than a fighter in a ring. She is by default a warrior. And what innate qualities give her that perpetual title? Have a look:

Mother is the Pillar of Strength

Warriors and fighters are known for their strength. And that is a feat exhibited by our mothers every single day physically, mentally and emotionally. Physically, she endures the demands of pregnancy, childbirth, and the physical care of her children.

She demonstrates emotional strength by navigating the highs and lows of parenthood with resilience and grace. Whether comforting a crying infant in the middle of the night or supporting a teenager through a heartbreak, a mother’s emotional strength shines through.

Mentally, she tackles the intellectual challenges of parenting, from making important decisions about her children’s education and healthcare to managing household finances. Despite the weight of responsibility, a mother faces each challenge head-on, drawing upon her inner strength to nurture and protect her children.

Mother is a Legacy of Bravery

Resilience is a key attribute that binds motherhood and combat sports together. Motherhood is filled with unexpected twists and turns, and a mother’s resilience enables her to weather these storms with courage and determination.

Like a warrior, she adapts to changing circumstances, learning from setbacks and failures along the way. Whether facing financial struggles, health issues, or personal hardships, a mother refuses to be defeated.

Instead, she rises from adversity, stronger and more resilient than before. Through her resilience, she instils hope in her children, teaching them to persevere in the face of life’s challenges.

Mother is the Champion of Our Dreams

Determination is another essential quality that defines a warrior mom as the champion of our dreams. A mother’s determination towards her children’s well-being is what keeps her going, no matter what challenges come her way. She dreams big for herself and her family, striving tirelessly to turn these dreams into reality.

From ensuring her children receive the best education to providing a safe and nurturing home environment, a mother’s determination knows no bounds. How many times has your mother stood up for you because you wanted to do theatre or join summer camp?

She is the champion who fights on your behalf, ensuring you can chase your dreams. And when you face setbacks, she is there, steadfastly encouraging you to keep going.

Mother is the Ultimate Defender

A mother’s protective instincts can never be put into question. She guards her children’s physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing fiercely, ensuring they are not harmed in any way. From the moment her children enter the world, she is ready to act as a human shield for them.

Whether she’s defending her child from unfair treatment at school or providing comfort during a tough emotional time, her protective instincts are always in action. Her strength is inspiring and formidable, which is always a bulwark despite any illness or obstacle. For her children, she would always be the ultimate defender against the world!

How to Celebrate Warrior Moms This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, surprise your mother with something special to value her strength and dedication towards her family. Whether you have a mom who fights in the ring or outside of it, these Mother’s Day gifts can be a way to take her strength to new heights. Here’s how you can appreciate her efforts.

Gift Ideas

When it comes to gathering Mother’s Day gift ideas, there is nothing better than training gear for them. RDX Sports offers a variety of combat sports equipment, ideal for supporting moms in their training and competitions. Here are some meaningful gift options in more detail:

  • MMA Gear: RDX offers high-quality MMA gear designed to support her training and enhance her performance in the octagon. From MMA gloves to shin guards to punch bags, our MMA equipment is built to withstand the rigours of training and competition, ensuring she can unleash her full potential with confidence. Whether she’s sparring with training partners or honing her skills on the mat, RDX’s MMA gear provides the protection, comfort, and durability she needs to excel in the world of mixed martial arts.
  • Boxing Equipment: RDX Sports offers a wide range of boxing equipment that combines durability with performance. From boxing gloves to punching bags, these items not only enhance her training experience but also promote physical fitness and stress relief, ensuring she can unleash her inner fighter with confidence.
  • Yoga Gear: For the warrior mom seeking balance and tranquillity, RDX’s yoga equipment is the ideal gift. With high-quality yoga mats, blocks, and straps, she can elevate her yoga practice, improving her flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. Whether she’s a seasoned yogi or just starting her journey, our yoga gear provides the support and comfort she needs to find her centre and connect with her inner warrior.
  • Fitness Equipment: If overall fitness is her goal, RDX offers a variety of fitness gear designed to support her workouts and help her reach her fitness goals. From resistance bands to kettlebells to weightlifting belts, RDX’s fitness equipment is built to last and deliver results. With these tools at her disposal, the warrior mom in your life can take her training to the next level and achieve peak performance.

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To further appreciate warrior moms, consider engaging in combat sports-related activities as a family. Sign up for a martial arts class together, where everyone can learn new skills, build strength, and share a bonding experience.

Alternatively, attend a live combat sports event to show support and enthusiasm for the sport she loves. For those looking for a more relaxed activity, consider having a movie night featuring inspirational combat sports films, highlighting the grit and resilience that define both the sports and warrior moms.


Finally, celebrate warrior moms by sharing their stories and achievements on social media. Encourage readers to post messages, pictures, or videos honouring the warrior moms in their lives, using a specific hashtag such as #RDXWarriorMomStrength to connect with the community.

This not only spreads awareness of these remarkable women but also fosters a supportive community where stories of strength, resilience, and determination can be shared and celebrated.

The Impact of Acknowledging Strength

Recognising the strength of warrior moms can make a big difference in their lives, helping them face challenges both at home and in the arena. This recognition boosts their confidence in their roles as mothers and athletes, giving them the drive to keep going. Think of a mom as a lighthouse, standing strong against life’s waves, guiding her family and herself through stormy waters.

This resilience inspires not only her children, who see her balancing many roles but also others in the community who witness her juggling family and career with perseverance. Seeing her press forward despite the setbacks makes her a role model for many.

Community support plays a crucial role in uplifting these mothers. Organisations like RDX Sports create supportive environments where moms are celebrated as warriors, helping them continue their journeys and inspire all those around them.

We believe in uplifting our moms and helping them attain success in their careers with the best gear in the market. Whether you’re a trainer, boxer, or an MMA enthusiast, RDX has got your back!

Every Mother is a Warrior

Mother’s Day is a time to recognise and honour the mothers in our lives. This year, let’s show our appreciation for their unwavering support and love with gifts that celebrate their spirit.

To make the occasion even more special, you can avail a 10% discount on a variety of gear and items that moms would love. From boxing equipment to fitness gear to yoga accessories, RDX Sports has everything that you might be looking for!

Here’s to celebrating the unwavering strength of moms who teach us, by example, to fight, to love, and to conquer!

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