Celebrating the Strength of Womanhood On International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day on 8th March and though women don’t really need a special day to celebrate womanhood, this day holds special significance for the entire world. The day celebrates the various facets of a woman’s life. It’s about fostering gender equality and women’s strength. Today, we want to take a moment to honor the amazing women who’ve made a difference in ways big and small.

International Women’s Day is not just any other normal day. This day reflects the struggles women have gone through for centuries. Your women’s day gift ideas must portray your thinking or belief in the power or strength in her womanhood.

Today, we have a list of gifts perfect for a variety of different women, and will work well on this special day to celebrate Women’s Week and International Women’s Day. Avail our special discount through the code RDXWomen.

Women’s Day Discount Offers up to 70%

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Here they are:

Pink Mouthguard

A latex-free boil and bite gum shield for contact sports perfectly conforms to the shape of your teeth. Tailored to fit comfortably, these teeth protectors provide shock absorption and special padding to protect molars.

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Pink Boxing Inner Gloves for Women

To give your hands the ultimate support these inner gloves are made of woven carbon fiber fabric that offers women both strength and incredible stretchiness. It will not only give you maximum grip during training but also prevent injury.

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Taekwondo Gloves for Women

These handcrafted Taekwondo gloves are exclusively designed to promote blood flow with moisture-wicking properties. The new and improved Quick-EZ hook & loop closure strap is made using neoprene for easy on/off application while ensuring wrist-support.

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Ego Boxing Gloves & Pads

Designed to absorb maximum shock, RDX® Ego Focus Pads bring real bliss to trainers. These Maya Hide hook and jab focus mitts ensure that your hands are comfortable and cool at all times while you train your fighter. Addition of training gloves is a plus to complement your training without wasting time.

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Padded Boxing Inner Gloves

Protect your hands with neoprene inner gloves that absorb shock and fortify your knuckles under the Boxing or MMA glove of your choice. It makes your fists virtually unbreakable and helps you punch away as hard as you can for perfect training.

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Thermal Compression Shorts

The fit is the best ever with smooth waist & cuff edge designed to provide athlete’s soft tissues support and warmth. The RDX Ultra Flex DS Thermal Neoprene shorts have super-stretchy triple reinforced material allows for freedom of movement ideal for all sparring, grappling, rolling and MMA workouts.

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Gym Workout Gloves

Designed to give you maximum comfort, these gym gloves will allow you to reap the maximum without compromising your gains. These women’s weightlifting gym gloves are designed to manage sweat, beat blisters, and bad hygiene.

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Compression Knee Wraps

We know what role your knees play to raise your game in the gym. These elasticated knee wraps will provide ideal support to up your technique while protecting from injuries. Also, the elasticated strap design will help you with full control of comfort, fit and support for each knee.

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Weight Training Grip Gym Gloves

These patent-pending gym gloves have a lightweight design with compressional touch. Athletes involved in rowing, BMX cycling, fencing, archery and gymnastics can achieve their targets by using these gloves.

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Pink Fingerless Gym Gloves

These scientifically designed ladies weightlifting gloves are made with medical grade leather to withstand any punishment in the gym without risk of injury. Their durability makes them last for a lifetime providing super grip for weightlifting and outdoor sports which may include sailing, shooting, archery and mountain climbing.

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Advanced V-Tech Palm Gym Workout Gloves

Your ultimate weightlifting partner is sleek enough to slip into any gym bag. These gloves are tough enough to endure any stack size. A reliable wrist support with hook-and-loop strap will ensure protection from pain and injury at all times. Don’t leave home without them.

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Neoprene Weightlifting Belt

Weightlifting belts are an essential aid no matter your skill level – our neoprene exercise belt has been designed with durability in mind. Made of breathable polyester and foam to guarantee a comfortable fit providing unrivaled support to both your back and abdominal muscles.

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