Christmas Eve Celebrations You Can Enjoy

We know Christmas Eve is all about traditions and doing something we do every year. We try to evoke feelings of nostalgia and joyful memories. It is really worth considering new activities to add to Christmas Eve celebrations if you are someone who like little novelty in with holidays. From cooking to outdoor games and surprise gifts, we have got some new ways to add some spice to your holiday routine. And for some great holiday nostalgia, here are 7 Christmas Eve celebrations you can enjoy with Your Family and Friends.

7 Christmas Eve Celebrations You Can Enjoy With Your Family And Friends

Jesse Tree

Create a Jesse tree for the Christmas Eve. A Jesse Tree is decorated with ornaments that symbolize God’s plan of bringing His saviors to the world from Hebrew exodus to the reign of King David and all the way to Jesus. You can find different options on Pinterest for Jesse Tree ornaments and also some books having scripture and devotionals to accompany these ornaments.

Snowball Capture The Flag

How long has it been since you were in a good, old-fashioned snowball fight? If you come from a place that gets a good amount of snow, turn the winter wonderland into a battleground. Game of capture the flag—fueled with snowballs can be a good option to go. It will work much like a typical game of capture the flag, instead of tagging a mate, you hit them with a snowball.

Child-Friendly Nativity

Most of the nativity sets are special and breakable, you would love to set up one manger scene for little hands. Your children can often rearrange pieces and recreate the story through the season. This printable is going to help you start conversations with your children about the real Christmas story.

Reindeer Dust

Sprinkle some Reindeer dust as they might need to eat too. It is just to make sure Santa makes his way your house. Urge your little ones to spread reindeer dust (edible glitter and colored sugar) on the walkway. You can always make it in a shape of arrow so they know which way to carry.

A Carol Sing

You can bring back an old fashioned carol sing to recall your Christmas memories from childhood on the special Christmas Eve. After all the conversations and the food servings, families can gather around piano and sing all the old Christmas songs along with the traditional carols.

Christmas Treasure Hunt

We know stockings have always been great but why not make your kids work for their treats from Santa. Add some competition to the Christmas Eve celebrations by hiding treats from Santa throughout the house or even outside. You can offer some hints about where they are ;).

Mix in Some Charity

It can be easy to forget about people in need during the busy holidays. Add some charity component to your Christmas Eve. You can either ask party guests to bring a can of food or toy that can be donated to the appropriate charity. If you’re celebrating with your family, head out to a soup kitchen or toy drive and volunteer for a couple hours before you start opening your own gifts.