Christmas for Kids – The Best Protective Gear For Active Kids

Christmas morning is an exciting time for adults and kids alike. For parents, the best sight in the world is watching their kids huddle under the Christmas tree to open their gifts. And for kids – the joy is in unwrapping their gifts, their eyes full of wonder and magic.

Kids often keep a hold of their favorite gifts and toys, not just in real life but also in their memories. Why not make this a memorable Christmas with a set of special gifts that are sure to excite any child? Treat your kids this Christmas with RDX glove and punch bag sets that will not only engage your children in healthy physical activity but also ensure that they are adequately protected.

RDX 9U Motif Boxing Gloves

Train your young boxers with fun and safety together. These RDX Junior Boxing Gloves are manufactured to ensure safe sparring and adequate protection. Gift your kids a comfortable experience this Christmas with the RDX 9U Motif Boxing Gloves.

RDX 2R Spider Boxing Gloves

Every kid has a favorite super hero. Give your kids a chance to harness the powers of their favorite superheroes. The RDX 2R Spider Boxing Gloves are leather constructed for durability. Internal padding will maintain healthy hands and keep fragile wrists well-protected. Get your hands on to this awesome set of punch bag gloves for kids and let them enjoy the freedom to stand out in a crowd.

RDX R8 Punch Bag & Gloves Set

Make this Christmas memorable for your kids by treating them all they need to their journey of greatness. Our brand new RDX R8 Punch Bag & Gloves Set is going to be junior’s best friend to attain flawless skills. This Christmas, surprise the little ones with our punch bag and gloves set. They will love it for the rest of their lives!

 RDX 😯 Punch Bag & Gloves Set

Let them train well, let them train hard. It is the start of their journey and you want the best for them. Introduce them to the hand-stitched RDX 😯 Punch Bag & Gloves Set, developed specifically to protect little bones. This is an ideal gift for your kid this Christmas.

RDX 4W Robo Punching Bags

Your children will love punching this bag as it has Maya Hide leather to ensure softness and sturdiness to protect brittle hands. Developed for the long haul, RDX 4W Robo Punching Bags will keep your kids engaged while helping them train for the next level.