Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. And the most important people in your life deserve to be at the very top of this list. Gift giving is an art and thinking of creative gifts which the receiver will truly cherish is a technique only few can master. Giving gifts to the women in your life, like your mother, sister, wife or daughter might seem easy. Buy her a purse or a dress or perfume or a kitchen gadget and your works done, but really thinking about what can truly be called a gift, what can truly benefit her in the long run- for such gifts you need to do some serious thinking and research. We at RDX Sports have made it slightly easier for you by listing down a bunch of fitness equipment & gear that will help keep her healthy and fit.

F24 & F23 Floral Gym Workout Gloves for Women

If the lady in your life is a fitness freak then this is a gorgeous gift option for her. These gloves are made to ensure maximum comfort and gains. The design detail helps maintain a clean, hygienic and blister-free daily training session at the gym. Fitness will never look and feel this pretty while she indulges in a grueling work out.

The gloves are made of super breathable light weight Lycra which enhances blood flow via light compression. Suede palm gives that extra dose of grip. 3MM padding in the palm area provides comforts against pressure and added gripping prowess.

S5 Pink Fingerless Gym Gloves (Weightlifting)

If she is into fitness but still a girly girl inside, then these will win her over in no time. These are gloves in which science blends with sportswear; made of medical-grade leather & Amara fabric that supports and binds your hand whilst delivering matchless comfort and prevents blisters or calluses. These gloves will help her withstand the most punishing of workouts without any risk of injury or soreness. These gloves provide superb grip with weights, better breath-ability and freedom of movement, plus an easy to wear glove that can be quickly slipped on or off at any time.

F14 & F15 Bag Mitts for Women (Boxing)

These are for the feisty ones who believe in fighting it out. These unique boxing gloves are super combative yet comfortable for her slender hands. Nurture the combat enthusiast in her with these durable boxing bag mitts which offer unbeatable wrist and hand support for intense workouts.

A curved design ensures more support and less injuries. Foam padding keeps hands protected during every hit, and strategically placed perforations will provide ample ventilation.

So go ahead buy her something she’ll cherish and thank you for years to come. Check out RDX Sports extensive Seasonal Sale and make this Christmas an excuse for fitness!

Photo Credits: LMproduction