Colby Covington Continues To Ridicule Darren Till For His Below Par Performance At UFC 228

Despite many advantages Darren Till had against welterweight title defender Tyron Woodley, including a towering stature and a clean resume, tables were soon turned, as a disgraceful defeat was handed over to the Briton in the headliner fight for UFC 228.

American artist Colby Covington who is eyeing to lock horns with the reigning champion Woodley, has been very brutal about his opinions post UFC 228. Not only Covington has challenged The Chosen One for a hair-raising bout, he has also went on to scrutinize Till’s loss without empathy.

Chaos, while speaking at The Luke Thomas Show, verbally battered the Briton for his inability to snatch the title from Woodley. Covington didn’t shy away from ridiculing Till’s pre-fight comments, where The Gorilla had stated that his fight with Woodley was more important to him than his family. This is what the American artist said,

“Till’s just an overrated doughboy that had a whole lot of hype. He talked the talk, but he couldn’t walk the walk like me so he needs to leave it to the big boys. He beat a crippled old ‘Clownboy’ and got a gift in his hometown against the ‘Choirboy’. He should have never been rewarded with a title shot for missing weight in a third of his UFC fights.”

Covington added a statement,

“Good thing he neglected his family to land a hot zero significant strikes in two rounds.”

30-year-old American also bickered about welterweight contender Kamaru Usman who was participate at UFC 228 headliner fight in an event either of the fighters failed to make an appearance. Covington trashed Usman’s pre-fight statement that he would don the welterweight title at UFC 228.

“That broke b*tch ‘Marty’ ain’t even in the picture. What happened to that feeling in his soul that he was going to be champ last weekend? Ha ha ha, Saturday night was the closest he’ll ever get to a title fight and that’s front row like the mark he is. That bitch is my biggest fan. He talks a lot of s**t about me, but he won’t do s**t but keep watching my greatness from the sidelines, junior.”

Covington has certainly stirred some controversy about his upcoming endeavor against Tyron Woodley. However, his recent statements make him appear more of a glib rather than the next-welterweight champion.

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