Conor McGregor Accepts Winner Takes All Fight Challenge

Conor McGregor accepts shock winner takes all fight challenge. He vows to whoop two opponents in the likes of Conan O’Brien and Mark Walhberg. Conor McGregor admitted on a lighter note that he is open to fight TV personality Conan O’Brien for a small stake in the UFC.

Three years back Conor McGregor put his words for the first time to take the shares in the promotion after his second-round TKO victory over Eddie Alvarez in New York. Much to his disappointment, UFC brass snubbed the idea and remained steadfast in their refusal to give McGregor equity in the company.

McGregor showed desire for ownership in the UFC last October when he faced 155lb champion Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title. The request was shut down once again this time too.

American TV host O’Brien is one of a slew of celebrities who own shares in the UFC. He recently offered McGregor the chance to have his, on the condition he takes him inside the Octagon.

O’Brien told TMZ:

“I will fight him for his [share], if he can take me in the Octagon!”

McGregor didn’t take long and accepted the challenge immediately. However, he also revealed he is eyeing the shares in the possession of Hollywood superstar Mark Wahlberg, who he’s vowed to ‘whoop’.

“Challenge accepted Conan! I’ll whoop you and Walhberg in the same night,” McGregor wrote on Twitter.

“Double shares for the Double Champ!”

It’s not the first time McGregor vows to ‘whoop’ Wahlberg, he’s called out the Hollywood star earlier in March through a tweet as well.

“I’ve decided to challenge Hollywood actress Mark Walhberg next.

“A fight for all the shares!”

McGregor’s immediate future in MMA is currently unknown. In late March, Conor McGregor shocked the sporting world by announcing his retirement. However, he’s seemingly pulled a U-turn on his retirement.

Though it is not clear if McGregor is still an active fighter, UFC president Dana White believes we are yet to see the last of ‘The Notorious’.

White said during a recent appearance on CNN:

“Me and Conor communicate every day. We’ve been talking all this week.

“Things are good with Conor and I and we’ll get something figured out soon.

“Conor likes to be in a position where he holds the cards and he does what he wants to do.

“And, you know, he and I figure out how to work together and how to make it all happen.”

“Conor McGregor will fight again.”