Conor McGregor Confirms Nate Diaz Trilogy Fight

Conor McGregor admits that he owes Nate Diaz a third fight purely out of respect and said that, “the trilogy will happen.” McGregor shared his thoughts with fans at Binny’s Beverage Depot in Chicago. Moreover, he told them the reason behind the trilogy fight. McGregor said,

“He fought me, he beat me. He gave me a rematch at the exact same weight, there was no hesitation, that’s a true fighter right there.

“I have nothing but respect…I owe him the trilogy now and the trilogy will happen.”

Who can forget the bloody brawl between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor at UFC 196? Diaz choked out the latter, who submitted in the first ever encounter for both.

Later the fighter from Stockton agreed to a rematch in August 2016. This time around, McGregor had the better of him, winning a 5-round bout through a major decision.

Ever since, there have been talks of a third match but McGregor has been chasing bigger money fights with guys like Floyd Mayweather and Khabib Nurmagomedov. The 30-year-old still has a lot of options and definitely wants rematches with Floyd and Khabib. For now, he seems more interested in a trilogy fight with Diaz.

The UFC is excited about the fight too. The Diaz-McGregor fights have generated massive pay-per-view revenues in the history of UFC. The #1 PPV of all time was McGregor vs. Khabib.

Recently Conor McGregor explained the need of a Khabib rematch. He also posted a post-fight breakdown pointing out what he did wrong. Most people suggest that he should first score a win under his belt before locking horns with The Eagle again.

The other issue with McGregor is that he wants ownership shares of the UFC before he takes another fight. That would be a tough question for UFC to answer.

What will the UFC do? It’s a great question …