Conor McGregor reveals possible matchup for return

McGregor reveals a list of people he would prefer facing off against for his return to UFC.

The past few months, McGregor has been making the news headlines but for all the wrong reasons. That includes the ‘bar punch’ incident when the fighter sucker-punched an old patron for refusing to get drunk. Previously, the contender was also arrested in Miami for smashing and stealing a phone. McGregor did take responsibility and publicly apologized, but the fighter can only regain his respect using the UFC Octagon.

Initially, the fighter was set to face off against Justin Gaethje but after a sparring hand injury, he was forced to delay his return. McGregor also explained his interest in a potential fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov after losing the lightweight title. Other fighters of interest include Nate Diaz after losing to him in UFC 196. Recently, Diaz confirmed his interest calling out Jorge Masvidal. Although McGregor is open to fighting either of them, he might have to wait until the winner is decided. Max Holloway is also a potential opponent as the fighter has gone undefeated after his loss against McGregor.In an interview McGregor also mentioned formed lightweight champion Frankie Edgar as something to get him excited. He further elaborated, “Frankie Edgar is also up there at the top of the list”. Despite the number of preferred opponents, McGregor’s current objective is to come back to the Octagon and regain his fame.