Covington States UFC Won’t Give Tyron Woodley A Top Spot In UFC 230 Because Of Prejudice

For those who had questions regarding Tyron Woodley’s cage performance against opponent Darren Till who had age and size advantage over him and an impressive fighting record, the Chosen One stunned them all with his ability. Now 36-year-old American artist can look up to a tantalizing affair with Colby Covington.

Though UFC has to clear dust about this anticipated fight, chances are that Tyron Woodley would be facing Covington next in a headliner event as part of UFC 230 which is scheduled to take place on November, in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

While the encounter between two artists seems fitting for a headliner event, Colby Covington has his doubts. According to American Chaos the top league of UFC may not consider Woodley suitable enough for a main card fight because they despise the fighter.

According to the welterweight artist,

“It’s a possibility. Tyrone, that’s fake news about his hand being hurt. We all know that. ‘Cause right after the fight, he was saying, ‘Hey, I’m ready to fight in November. I’ll fight Colby at MSG.’ He was saying he was ready to go, but I think it’s more that the UFC, they don’t want to give him that spot. They don’t want to reward him that main event, ’cause they hate him.”

Covington went on to add,

“He doesn’t know how to sell fights. He doesn’t know how to promote fights. He just complains, man. He’s been given everything. He’s been silver spoon-fed. He’s been paid millions to piggyback off of Conor [McGregor] and Jon Jones. He just consistently shoots himself in the foot every time he opens his mouth. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but I would love for it. That’s where I want it to be, at the most iconic arena, MSG. The same place that Hulkmania started at the Garden in ’84. I want to come there and make welterweight great again in the Garden in November.”

Do you think Colby Covington’s claims hold some truth? Do you think that UFC will arrange a main card fight for UFC 230 between Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley?