Cris Cyborg finally has her moment

For the better part of the last decade, Cris Cyborg has ruled her weight division in MMA. The fashion in which she dispatches opponents is devastating. But the lack of good competition has kept the spotlight away from her for the most part.

In the last couple of months, especially since the departure of Ronda Rousey from the UFC, there has been a search for the next female face of UFC.

Cris Cyborg is being primed for the spot.

Cris Cyborg finally headlining

Even after all that she has accomplished, Cyborg has never headlined an event at the UFC, until now.

Cris Cyborg is coming off her championship win against Tonya Evinger. She took care of business in the third round at UFC July event. The vicious knee strikes were too much for Evinger to handle.

Cyborg and Holm in parallel

When a worthy opponent, in the form of Holly Holm, stepped to the plate it was finally time for Cyborg to headline.

On Dec 30th, Cyborg will finally get her due in the sport she has given everything to.

She will be facing an opponent who is an established champion and is known for causing upsets inside the octagon.

Cyborg vs Holm

Holly Holm has faded a little since defeating Rousey. This is exactly the fight that she currently needs. A win against Cyborg will catapult Holm to the highest pinnacle of women’s UFC and get her the UFC featherweight title as well.

The problem is that her opponent is Cyborg and she hasn’t lost a match since her first ever professional match.

She is currently 17-0 winning streak and seems completely unstoppable.

At UFC 219, both women will be on a mission to decimate the other because they need to prove something to themselves and fans.

Which means that no matter who wins, Cyborg vs Holm will be an exciting MMA fight!