CrossFit vs. Callisthenics – Which One Should You Train For?

CrossFit and Callisthenics are probably two most famous training methods. While they focus in tapping inner strength by engaging into different exercises, these types of workouts share a lot of similar movements. And this is what makes it difficult for athletes to decide which one they should train for and which would help them build mass.

This feature will look into the different aspects of CrossFit and Callisthenics, which one should you choose and why.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an amalgamation of different exercises taken from various sports such as weightlifting, cardio and gymnastics. It is a branded workout regime in which each athlete is handed “WOD” (workout of the day) and the goal is either to finish it off in minimum time or to perform maximum repetitions, making the programme measureable and quite strenuous.

What Is Callisthenics?

Callisthenics exercises focus on resistance movements using body’s own weight. Since this workout doesn’t involve the use of gym equipment or gear, they can be performed anywhere – home or park. The simplest form of callisthenics involves usual compound exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, dips, lunges etc. but can be advanced in terms of complexity such as human flags, handstands, planches etc.

Who Should Train For CrossFit And Callisthenics?

Anyone can opt to perform any of these two fitness programs. However, while they seem to have some similar movements, the two have key differences.

Since CrossFit is branded fitness program, beginners need to register with a fee (around £ 80) at a nearest CrossFit gym. It is quite necessary for newbies to attend classes so that they can get a grasp on its ideology and different types of workouts.

Callisthenics on the other hand, can be performed easily from the comfort of your home or you can choose to attend classes in a nearby gym, which are often cheap. Once you master the basic form and advance to higher level, you may want to consider purchasing home equipment, which is readily available and not too costly.

Which Workout Helps Build Muscle And Improve Body Strength?

Most trainers find it confusing to decide whether Callisthenics or CrossFit helps in building muscle and improving body strength. Since CrossFit is a combination of weight training and cardio exercises, it aids in burning calories and building muscles. On the contrary, callisthenics workout comprises of complex compound movements so the prime focus lies on muscle build-up and gaining strength.

Which One Should You Choose?

When considering choosing the best workout, consider the quality that you get as a result of your efforts. If you can perform your 30-minute home-based callisthenics workout without shedding any sweat while 20 minutes into CrossFit makes you feel exhausted, then you should definitely opt for CrossFit.

Competition And Worldwide Following

The biggest difference that sets CrossFit apart from Callisthenics is its worldwide presence and huge competitions. While Callisthenics has exciting competitions for its fans to look up to such as Battle of the Bars, Street Workout World Championship and King of the bar, CrossFit being a global brand hosts monumental shows which are far greater in comparison to Callisthenics competitions.

Chances Of Injury

No fitness regime is free from injury. But since CrossFit comprises of high speed workouts without taking the form into account, chances of injury are high. On the other hand, callisthenics is about slow movements to improve body’s strength, the athletes exhibit a lower chance of getting injured.