CrossFit Workouts To Show Off Daddy’s Strength

Have you been facing the challenge of staying fit while being the perfect dad you kids want you to be? You don’t to have a bulging belly to accommodate for your children’s needs.  Staying fit requires you to reserve certain time of the day for yourself only, which not only defines your body but also augments your relationship with your little ones.

For these CrossFit exercises, you need to chalk out a program that will not only make you good at scheduling things but also help you get a remarkable body. So while you aim to bond with your children, make sure you have all the strength to gather the love they shower.

So are you looking to become a fantastic and fit father? Here are 5 CrossFit exercises that can change your and your children’s outlook on fatherhood altogether.

Start With Dad’s Hardiness  

Total Time: 20 minutes

Duration: As many as rounds possible

Rest: 45 seconds after every round

Rounds: 15 air squats, 10 push-ups, 100m Sprint

Getting rid of that dad bod can be quite challenging. It requires the right mix of healthy choices and a demanding workout. This exercise allows you to rest so that you can continue on with the workout for complete 20 minutes.

Daddy Is Best

Total Time: 30 mins

Duration: 5 rounds in every 6 minutes

Sequence: 5 front squats with a gradual increase in weight, 8 dips, 8 pull-ups

Targeted for core, legs, shoulders and arms, the front squat should be performed with heavy weights. Once you get used to lifting the weight, notch it up. Same applies for dips and pull-ups. You can increase the intensity by hooking your feet with a kettlebell or holding a plate in between your knees.

A Father’s Tread

Total Time: 12 mins

Duration: 3 rounds with 1 minute rest after every round

Sequence: 400m run, 80 mountain climbers for both sides, 200m run, 20 air squats, 120m run, 20 V-ups

Finishing move: 50 perfect push-ups for quality

This workout has been designed by Matthew LeBaron, a running coach at Brick New York. LeBaron suggests that dad bod starts off from the kitchen and gets its permanent shape in the bar. He advises to keep a check on the nutrition by making healthier choices and saying no to pizza, beer and fried, processed foods.

Row That Father’s Boat

Total Time: 12 mins

Duration: 4 rounds with 3 mins rest after every round

Sequence: 500m rows, 30second heavy load front carry (a small child, weighted vest, medicine ball or kettlebells), 20 Kettlebell side bends for both sides

This regime makes your breathing heavier, targeting your core. Since rest time after every round allows you to perform heavy rows, try keeping the split duration same in every round. When front loading with heavy weight, stand upright and squeeze your glutes. The finishing side bends are meant to add some definition to your obliques.

Add Dad’s Finishing Touch

Sequence: 20 lbs. 160 Wall balls

Ideal for that jelly belly, the move accelerates the heart rate whilst revving up metabolism. The simple workout leaves you drenched in sweat, helping the body dissolve the unsightly fat.