Daan Bogert- Netherland’s Very Own Calisthenics Champ

Daan Bogert is a calisthenics athlete and was awarded 1st place in ISF Open World Street Lifting World Championships 2022. We at RDXSports are happy to share Daan’s calisthenics journey with all his calisthenics fans.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is Vadim Duterloo, he’s a friend of mine. I met him at a calisthenics park here. And he gave me some tips and I met him more often and we trained together. So now I’m almost at his level. And we train a lot together and he still gives me tips to keep me all fit. 

Daan Bogert - The Dutch Callisthenic Champ in Action

What are your favorite calisthenics movements?

I think muscle up, because it feels like flying and also the front lever it’s also an exercise you can do in public. So you can show a bit of calisthenics to people who ask for it.

What do you do when you don’t feel like working out?

I almost never don’t feel like working out and when I do I just go and because I’m training with a lot of friends and more people. I get motivation from them and also it’s the other way round. If they don’t feel like working out, I give them motivation. So sometimes I make my workout shorter, so when I’m alone I make it shorter but most of the time I just go. 

Daan Bogert - The Dutch Callisthenic Champ focused on weighted calisthenics drill using RDX kettlebell

Daan Bogert using RDX F1 RED kettlebell

What exercise is the most exciting for you? Or What exercise is your favorite?

I think I like the basic exercises to keep the muscles and build them for the bigger skills exercises like pull ups, pushups and dips and I do them a lot in a day and they work for me. And if we talk about the skilled exercises, I think the most exciting for me is planche training and doing planche with elastic bands or doing the 90 degree training. That is the hard skills maybe like doing the bends to help. 

Who’s your favorite athlete?

I don’t like one favorite athlete, because I like all of them but I do have favorite three. Scarxlus from Italy, Vitaliy Feschuk from Ukraine and Efaan. He is not a really big athlete but I met him at a competition and I really like him. 

Daan Boger celebrating ISF Open World Street Lifting World Championships 2022 with his teammates

What does Move, Improve, Evolve mean to you?

I think it’s like knowing you can go from nothing to everything in a week just by training two times a week, just taking small steps. And do your training well and do as much as you can. Like if you train seven days a week like I do you need to work less hard on your muscles. Let’s say you need to do it in bits or your energy can be low. What I do is two or one times a week I do skill training just only planch. I also do pull ups, dips or push ups. Depends on the training pull or push. So I think if you train smart and do not go hard on your muscles I thinks that’s evolving. And it’s not always like training as much as you can. 

We at RDXSports wish him good luck for the future and hope to see more Callisthenic enthusiasts getting inspired by this young and devoted athlete.