David Haye Announces his Return to the Ring!

Former WBO heavyweight boxing champion, David Haye has announced his return to the ring. The rumour mill had been actively making fans speculate about Haye’s return to the ring, although many pundits had given up hope Haymaker. However, Haye surprised everyone by finally clearing the air and announcing his rejuvenation.

Despite having announced his return, Haye’s followers are still in the mist regarding a return date for the fighter.  The 34-year-old has not mentioned any opponent for his return which further brings further elusiveness on the date of his return.

Some critics are linking Haye’s hesitance in declaring a return date to Audely Harrison’s retirement announcement. However, since Haye has already defeated Harrison the assumptions do not hold valid logic.

In a recent statement Haye said that he is sure that he will return to the ring and wear Boxing Gloves again. He added that he is in no rush to announce a date or a possible opponent but is confident he will be back in the ring soon.

It is worth mentioning that Haye ruled the Boxing industry for a decade from 2002 to 2012 and became the second player besides Evander Holyfield to win the cruiserweight as well as Heavyweight championship.