Deontay Wilder Wants Tyson Fury Rematch and then Anthony Joshua

Deontay Wilder (40-0-1) said he will fight Tyson Fury this year and then he wants Anthony Joshua. While speaking at Arlington Bowie High School in Texas, the heavyweight champion of the world said,

“I want to bring it back to the golden days of boxing. It has not been back since 2004 with Lennox Lewis. Everyone knows that as the heavyweight division goes, so goes boxing.”

He further added,

“We still have a bit more to go but the fight is definitely going to happen, it should be announced very, very soon. The only reason it would not is if their side backs out. As of today, everything is 100 per cent ready to go.”

Boxing needs quality and for those who watched Wilder’s first fight with Fury in December 2018 know exactly what boxing needs. The bout went for 12 rounds and ultimately the fight was a split decision.

A rematch between Wilde and Fury is going to be really exciting. Joshua is going to be Wilder’s next opponent if he wins.

In his 40 fights, Deontay Wilder is yet to lose and that has made him stand a part in the league. The classic heavyweight fighter is always ready to fight anyone.

“I am willing to fight him. This is not us; they know what we want. If we can’t come to agreement there will be no fight. I’m moving on with my career. I can’t wait around.”

This is why boxing remains stuck in its niche phase. These guys should be lined up to fight each other. Instead, promoters and agents and handlers all refuse to do what’s best for the sport.

He thinks this is the reason why boxing couldn’t evolve with the passage of time. Best fighters should fight each other as we can see what happened in the case of Mayweather and Pacquiao. Both the fighters fought each other past their prime in 2015.

Wilder said, “The world knows I tried (to fight Joshua), they are trying to milk the people in the United Kingdom. But after the next fight, I’m willing and I am ready. I’m always ready. There will be one champion, and there will be one face. He goes by the name of Deontay Wilder.”

On the other hand people who love boxing will always be interested in any weight class. Wilder is not Iron Mike or Holyfield, but he gets why people are drawn to the sport.

“The heavyweight division is the most serious division because of the power. The repercussions of a punch, the head is not meant to be hit in the first place. You are crazy to sign up to do this.”

“I am a knockout artist and that’s why people come to watch a fight. They want to see knockouts. I know how to knock anyone out.”

The problem here is that the US fans don’t follow the sport if the champ is not an American. This is happening for the past decade and it can be noticed from Jack Johnson to Ali to Foreman to Frazier to Tyson.

“No. 1, being in America has been a challenge. American (heavyweights) don’t get that shine the way they used to. Being here it’s been difficult to get that exposure and excitement back into boxing. It hasn’t been that way since Lennox Lewis fought (Vitali) Klitschko in 2004. The whole division crumbled. That’s how Floyd got his shine, and he fought (Oscar) De La Hoya and his career bloomed.”

“I’m telling you right now this division is stronger than ever. I’m glad to be a part of the movement. We are all a family, and I can’t wait for the Fury fight.”

Maybe if Wilder wins Americans wake up and recognize the heavyweight champion of the world is an American, and he goes by the name of Deontay Wilder.