To Diet or Not to Diet

Forget about a low carb, ultra-laser beam-lean mega protein, and food diet plan. Sometimes you have to step back, evaluate whether your diet plan or program is working at all while taking a long hard look at the man/woman staring back from the mirror.

Note: People will throw all sorts of advices. “Try this diet, that diet”, Remember there’s no one kind of diet for everyone.

  1. Muscle building diet

diet eggs brown red meat streak on plate with broccoli white plate salmon turkey brown grilled protein dairy products milk white plates white background

For every pound of muscle gained, you gain two pounds of fat.  

  1. Fat loss diet

diet blueberries green leaf spinach salmon on black plate almonds green leaf whey bottle water in glass green tea cup pot kettle oat meal

For every two pounds of fat lost, you lose a pound of muscle. 

  1. Low carb diet

diet low carb spelling meat protein fried egg carrot chops

Caution: May Leave you mentally, and physically weak.

For nutrition plans to work – you need to set the right kind of balance. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be extreme or relaxed. You need to find the middle ground which fits and works with your lifestyle.

To begin to lose stubborn body fat that clings to the gut, chest [the sides], hips, glutes or love handles – is to stop believing in most diet myths.

These are some common questioned addressed to some fat-loss diet myths

Q: Does my low carb/Paleo diet help me lose fat?  

A: Not exactly. While a low carb diet DOES, in fact, make you lose weight, it’s usually in the form of water weight. What you really lose, is mental and physical strength levels, and disturbing your hormones that make it harder to lose fat and build muscle.

Q: Does my high protein diet build more muscle & burn more fat?

A: This is a half truth. You will lose weight sure. But the half ‘lie’ that the supplement industry wants you to believe is that it’s a ‘simple equation’. More protein = more muscle, less fat has too simplified an equation. Too much protein will cause digestive health issues and makes you fatter in the long run.

diet Mediterranean blueberry soup vegetables vegan anti inflammatory diet onion cabbage capsicum

Q: Should I Eat 6 Meals Per Day?

A:  Recently studies have done comparative research on those eating 3 meals a day opposed to 6 meals a day. The results were nothing conclusive to write home about. The answer is: not really.

Q: Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

A: While this may be partly true – we need to look at statistics. Nations such as the USA have a large obesity rate, probably the largest, and they are all linked to having routine and heavy breakfasts daily.

Q:  Can I eat carb loaded stuff before I sleep? Or is that dumb of me?

A: Studies have recently confirmed that your digestive system does, in fact, slow down – IN THE FIRST HALF of your sleep. When you attain REM sleep your body [unless it’s morbidly obese] actually kicks into overdrive during the other half of your sleep. A little google research on this is just about right to confirm your suspicions.

So if you want:

  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • High Blood-Pressure
  • Low Sugar Levels

….Basically health problems, then please, by all means, continue doing what you’re doing.

If you want to avoid:

  • Low energy levels,
  • Feeling ten years older than you actually are
  • Unhealthy family or social life

You’ll need to understand your body and its configurations more.

One thing is guaranteed – there is no ‘one solution fits all’ according to diet and nutrition.

All body types are different and while some diets may suit some particular body types it is not necessarily true that will work all the time. You need to switch it up between all diets whether it’s a:

  • Paleo diet
  • Wild diet
  • Mediterranean diet
  • A well structured low carb diet

The key lies in research, and knowing your own body. Perhaps some tests are in order to find you’re your body reacts to?

The answer could very well lie in your allergic history. Allergies affect the entire body as a whole, from the digestive system to the respiratory and nervous systems.

For some people – a PEANUT could ruin their day, and the next few if they aren’t careful.

Know your body. It’s your temple. It’s the country you were born to, and you ought to serve it by being sure you’re taking all the right steps to keep you healthy.

Losing weight is one of the most daunting experiences for most people in life. It’s the cause of many people’s misfortunes in their daily lives. While eating all the right stuff is imperative – it also needs to be supplemented with movement and exercise.