Doesn’t Get BIGGER Than This – Joshua vs Martin

Anthony Joshua vs Charles Martin

Anthony Joshua and Charles Martin will go head to head for the IFB heavyweight championship in the sold out London O2 arena on April 9th. As fight night draws closer by the day; the outcome will result in one fighter losing their winning streak.

90 seconds is all it took for tickets to sell out for this epic heavy weight title bout between two the two titans: Britain’s own Anthony Joshua (15 – 0) VS Charles Martin (20 – 0 – 1). Both these undefeated fighters look to taint the other’s record snatch – or keep – the IBF Heavyweight title.

Both fighters are similar in prowess. But if there’s anything they both hold in common – it’s POWER.

All it takes is one of these giants to connect to send you straight to the canvas, and rest assured once hit you’re most likely never getting up.

Speaking with Kirsty Gallacher during his exclusive interview with Sky Sports News, Anthony Joshua appeared cool, calm and confident leading up to his fight with Charles Martin, who currently holds the IFB Heavyweight Title.

anthony Joshua

In previous interviews, when both asked if the upcoming fight would go the similar distance to the previous fight Anthony Joshua’s faced with Dillian Whyte; the two responded confidently that this would not be the case:


‘Probably not, nah not when we’re in the ring, it ain’t going the distance.’


‘It ain’t going 12 rounds, heavyweights ain’t supposed to go 12 rounds.’


Martin joked about his own power when fighting Vyacheslav Glazkov claiming he had connected with a short right hook on Glazkov’s glove and that was strong enough to send him straight down to canvas-ville in the 3rd round.

“That’s how hard I punch,”

He might be joking – but no one’s laughing; and he’s not absolutely wrong either.

By now you must’ve realized – this fight is going to be an EXPLOSIVE one. Many consider this fight a risk for both boxers as they haven’t faced adversary in the form of each other before.

Both fighters seem tentative and respectful of each other’s achievements but when egged to promote the fight, the man of few words, Charles Martin, answered:

“’I let these talk for me. No doubts, see you April 9. I will win. I will knock him out” – while holding his fists up.

The excitement is unbearable. It’s electrifying. Believe us when I say this – DON’T BLINK; because before you know it, one of these giants is going down, guaranteed.

Tune in on 9th April on Sky Sports Box Office and watch these devastators go head-to-head in the ‘biggest’ and most ‘powerful’ fight of the year yet at the O2 Arena London.