Donald Cerrone Speaks About McGregor’s Retirement

This July, witness former kickboxer, Donald Cerrone take on the former two-division UFC champion, Conor McGregor, in Las – wait, what? He’s retired?

On March 25, McGregor announced his retirement from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. The general assumption is that it’s a contract negotiating tactic with the UFC.

Donald Cerrone believes that the announcement is just a way to stay relevant in the MMA universe. Cerrone and McGregor were in talks to fight this upcoming July.

Donald Cerrone said on SportsCenter,

“I think it is a ploy to stay relevant. I don’t think he is going anywhere.”

Cowboy doesn’t believe that this is how McGregor’s MMA chapter will close. And on the off chance it does, Cerrone thinks he might move to the WWE next.

Donald Cerrone later added,

“I just think he put that out to stir up the media, I read something he may go to the WWE. I don’t know he may have to get out of his UFC contract to do that. Retiring is one way out, but I doubt it.”

It seems McGregor may have announced his retirement to be able to get into WWE. His contract with the UFC might have stopped him from doing just that.

Conor’s camp went after Cerrone on Twitter, after his win in Brooklyn against Alexander Hernandez, to schedule a fight. The UFC tried setting it up for April. However, Conor pushed it to July saying he wouldn’t be ready by then. Cerrone is of the opinion that Conor just doesn’t want to fight.

“…He said he wouldn’t be ready for April, they pushed it back to July, and then he just went radio silent. Didn’t hear from him, couldn’t get a hold of him.”

“I was just done waiting, done playing the game. He is radio silent, so I wasn’t going to sit and wait, sit and wait, and sit and wait, and then all of the sudden something like this happens where he retires, I would have just been out. So I said I am not going to sit and wait for you Conor. I am going to take another fight. If you want to fight me in July, I will fight now and I’ll fight you again.”

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