Easter Fitness Activities For Family

Where Easter holidays bring tons of exciting activities for kids, it has in store plenty of feasts and rest time for adults to. Usually most grown-ups consider Easter the ideal time to satiate all their cravings. However, if you wish to keep your fitness intact during Easter holidays, a power-packed fun-filled training is just meant for you without making a run to the gym. All you have to do is alter your traditional activities into fitness regimes that will get you the desired results. Following are a few fitness activities that can help you stay healthy and agile during the holidays.

1. Let Easter Eggs Crack Harder
Smashing eggs is an epic Easter game that kids enjoy the most. Make it more interesting by placing raw eggs every 5 inches apart on your running track in or around your home. Now jog around the track 5 times stopping only when you finish the last round. Involve children too by letting them count the smashed eggs. For each smashed egg, you need to make an extra round. The commotion and then cleaning goo off the floor will be a good way to kick start your Easter morning.

2. Hop Off Your Calories
Let this Easter unleash your inner child. Gather all your family members and hop around your backyard with your bunny ears on while scattering Easter eggs. Keep up with this intense regime as long as your bunny ears keep adorning your head. The moment they fall off your head, pause to enjoy your victory. If the bunny ears fit your head well, keep hopping until you run out of eggs.

3. Easter Bootcamp
You can add in a little more colour to your workouts with an Easter-themed bootcamp in your own backyard. Choose interesting fitness regimes such as hare run, bunny burpees or rolling eggs. Perform each exercise for at least 5-10 times and hand the winner with one chocolate egg.

4. Egg Hunt Makes You Fit
Change the classic Easter egg hunt into a challenging workout by placing small pieces of paper inside each egg with instructions to perform certain exercise such as 10 planks or 5 jumps etc. The moment anyone from the family finds the egg and opens it, he should follow the instruction and workout his way till the end.

5. Roll Eggs, Burn Calories
It may have never crossed your mind that rolling eggs may help you burn calories. Well, only if you roll them with your nose. Add a little innovation to one of the oldest Easter games. The original game is rolling boiled eggs between a start and finish mark. However, you can tailor it into an adult version by making the players roll their eggs with their noses. For young participants, the distance between start and finish line should be lesser.

6. Run With The Eggs!
This Easter have a good run with all family members. Create two groups both comprising of young and adult members of family. Let the children have the start by holding a spoon in their teeth with a hard boiled egg in it from point A to point B. If the egg doesn’t drop, the player will pass it to an adult group member who will carry it the same way from point B to point A. If the egg drops, the team starts all over. The team which gets through all players without dropping the egg will win.

7. Replenish
When you feel your body reserves have depleted, it’s time to recharge yourself again. Roll your feet over wooden egg, or use its sharp edges to treat those sore parts. Either way, keep the spirit alive of a healthy and fit Easter holiday!