Enhance the Mom in her – This Mother’s Day

The mother of your children. Read that again and let that sink in. It’s not an easy job. She has to be a different person for every member of the family. Understand their perspectives, solve problems, and give support. And she does most of that by compromising on her own things.

Pay attention to her Health and Fitness

Mother’s Day is near and you’re thinking about the right gift for her. One of the greatest gifts that one can give, is the gift of health and fitness. She’s stressed and exhausted and hides it so well that people around eventually stop noticing. She wants to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle but she can’t get around to it. So your gift for her this Mother’s Day, can be taking charge of her health and fitness.

Make a Plan

There are a number of things that you can do. Maybe start looking into gym memberships nearby. Routines or timings that’ll be easy for her to manage. Or maybe she has a particular disposition for combat sports and you can set up training classes for that. And if there’s absolutely no chance her routine can handle any such commitments, another thing that you can do is to look up routines that she can do at home or in a small space. Beginner exercises to hardcore total body workouts, they aren’t just limited to within the walls of a proper gym.

Start Small

Get her an accessory. A nice pair of gloves, or a kit bag. Or simple equipment she can set up in the corner of her room. Something that’ll motivate her and help her build on.

These simple activities or to-dos will translate in to so much her. She’ll be able to manage her stress better. Get rid of all those aches and pains and sore muscles she hardly ever complains about. She’ll become stronger, of course. Her overall quality of life will improve. And a simple gesture that tells her that someone is out looking for her will be more than enough to motivate her.

Where to look

See if you can find some nice gear to get your mom started on her fitness journey. Head over to RDX Sports and grab a good deal on the Mother’s Day sale. Products are going for as much as 50% off. Or, you can use the code ‘RDXMOM’ and get 10% off site-wide (Exclusions Apply).

You’ll be able to grab the following gear at half the price:

RDX 4B Sleeveless Black High Neck Terry Fleece Jacket

RDX 4B Sleeveless Black High Neck Terry Fleece Jacket
  • Durable and stretchable non-pilling Terry Fleece material retains elasticity in all conditions without pilling
  • The close-fitting hood is designed to lightly cling without hampering movement in anyway
  • Reinforced T3-stitching seams make jacket highly durable for all conditions for indoor or outdoor activity
  • Moisture transport system wicks sweat and moisture away from skin to keep body feeling fresh and cool
  • Breathable fabric provides max comfort in those grueling training moments, be it lifting in the gym, or running in the park!

RDX 1B Thermal Compression Shorts

RDX 1B Thermal Compression Shorts
  • Warms the waist helping you shed excess water weight
  • Improve circulation, facilitates metabolism of the abdominal
  • Flat-lock seams an anatomical cut give total freedom of movement
  • Application of these shorts will reliably protect body from overcooling
  • RDX Flex DS 1.9mm thermal neoprene shorts designed to provide soft tissue support

RDX 2Y Boxing Speed Bag

RDX 2Y Boxing Speed Bag
  • High grade steel swivel that can be attached to many surfaces.
  • Double-stitched rivet construction for incredible durability.
  • Made from real cowhide leather for easy cleaning and durability.
  • Not just for boxers – great as an MMA speed ball too!

RDX G1 Pink Mouthguard

RDX G1 Pink Mouthguard
  • Poly Gel latex-free gum shield to protect teeth and gums for contact sports.
  • Gel Fit lining™ for maximum shock reduction and comfort.
  • Acrigel™ padding to cushion molars at the back.
  • Conforms to upper and lower teeth for the perfect fit.
  • Comes with anti-microbial carry case for hygienic storage.

RDX T7 Ego Pink MMA Gloves for Women

RDX T7 Ego Pink MMA Gloves for Women
  • Cut from imperishable Maya Hide™ leather for tough martial arts gloves that last.
  • PC-3™ contoured padding to align hands, enhancing knuckle protection and preventing injury.
  • D.Cut™ architecture with thumb sheathe offering better grip and added breathability.
  • QD-2™ lining to wick away moisture and offering anti-microbial benefits.
  • Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop adjustable closure to provide a snug, secure fit.

RDX X1 Punch Bag Floor Anchor

RDX X1 Punch Bag Floor Anchor
  • Constructed from Maya Hide™ treated leather and nylon web straps for lasting durability.
  • D shackle with Red Oxide anti-rust coating ideal for outdoors and all weather use.
  • Designed with maximum swing reduction without the need to drill holes in the floor.
  • Heavy duty and secure zip-fastened closure for ease of filling or refilling.
  • Comes unfilled and can be filled with sand or other materials.

RDX F23 Floral Gym Gloves for Women

RDX F23 Floral Gym Gloves for Women
  • Hand conforming Lycra proves to be the most breathable material in the market.
  • Suede palm battles blisters while offering solid traction and comfy lifting.
  • 3MM padding under Suede grip combats pressure and provides additional gripping prowess.
  • Authentic leather webbing throughout the glove promises zero chances during those grueling workouts.
  • Stretchable Lycra finger webbing conforms to the hand and increases ventilation.

RDX R2 Gym Kit Backpack

RDX R2 Gym Kit Backpack
  • Superior synthetic construction for a kit bag with low absorbency.
  • Abrasion proof design for a tough sports holdall that lasts.
  • Tarpaulin sides and bottom to repel water keeping your gym kit dry in all weather.
  • Resistant to fungi and moths for clean and durable sports gear bag.
  • Highly adjustable sternum fastening and padded straps for support and comfort.Resistant to fungi and moths for a sports bag that lasts and lasts.
  • Anti-abrasion design to prevent scuffs and visible signs of wear and tear.
  • Adjustable chest strap and padded shoulder straps for comfort and heavy load support.

RDX KY Fitness Yellow Medicine Ball

RDX KY Fitness Yellow Medicine Ball
  • Made with a soft 1.2mm thick Maya Hide™ leather for awesome durability.
  • Triple hand-stitched 8 panel design for increased resilience.
  • Power core sand chamber to enhance stability and improve balance.
  • Lightly textured exterior assists with grip.
  • Filled with natural and synthetic fibres in a variety of weights to suit each individual.