Father’s Day Fitness Activities To Strengthen Your Bond

Whether you wake up every morning to see your dad’s face or catch up with him after some months, it’s just natural to share a harmony with everything that he does. Without planning anything, you usually end up spending a quality evening together. While this connection is the best asset one could possess, these memorable hangouts can be far more entertaining, if an activity that both enjoy is attached.

Father’s Day is the ideal time that you can honour the superhero of your life with amazing gifts and cute surprises. But the magnitude of spending quality time with the first love of your life far outweighs any material gift that you can purchase for him. This Father’s day rather than just simply saying “I love you Dad” over a family brunch, excite your best buddy with fun-filled fitness activities, making priceless memories which you can carry along for a long time to come. Following are some classic activities that you can engage with your dad this Father’s Day. It’s best for you to decide which one would make your dad tick the most.

Box Your Heart Out

Have you been doubting your dad’s strength lately? Grab your boxing gloves hanging in your closest and see how your father unleashes his hidden boxer. You can make it more exciting by inviting a bunch of friends as you both compete in a friendly bout in your backyard.

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Go Swimming  

One of the most vintage Father’s day activities, a swim in the river helps you catch up with life side by side, while enjoying the cool water and warm sunshine on your skin.  You can simply compete to see who covers the most distance or you can just partner and enjoy a swim. A relaxing swim in the beautiful river, your feelings will speak volumes about this unique companionship.

Compete In A MMA Fight 

Let your father embrace his inner child as he battles in a MMA fight with you. Nothing says “I love you Dad” as loud as a friendly challenge between two generations. You’ll see your father’s spirit is even younger than yours.

Picture: MMA Grappling Gloves

Visit A Gym

When was the last time you visited a gym with your father? Probably a while back. What better way can there be to strengthen your bond by visiting a gym and pumping your heart out at those crazy weights and machines. You can add to your dad’s fitness regime by helping him workout. Or you can simply add more impact by sitting on his shoulders. You’ll enjoy the ride as he works his ways to fitness, making the evening a memorable one.

Go Camping 

Been too lonely lately? Now is the time to invest in your and your dad’s vacation and head out to camping for the weekend. Take care of your dad’s boredom and plan exciting activities at camping. You can play CrossFit games during the day and at night you can share funny or weird stories by the fire. You can also head out for the night and find favourite animal or ghosts, together.

Pull Up Bars With Him

Looking to make your Father’s day a memorable one? Spend a quality evening with him by pulling up bars together in your backyard. You can choose to work independently and see who manages to get more moves done in a designated time frame or pull up together to complete some sets. Add the activity into your daily life and in coming years, you can witness your and your father’s health improve, along with your deep appreciation for your dad as your effort will come to fruition.

Run As Fast As You Can, Together

Remember the time when running along with your father to see who reached the finish line was one of your biggest pleasures and although you lost every time and secretly vowed to beat him someday. Well, now is the time you can enjoy a run with your father. No matter who the winner is, it is definitely going to best run of your life – together.