Floyd Mayweather Chooses Health over Wealth

Former world’s number one boxer Floyd “money” Mayweather has had to dodge questions regarding his comeback for quite some time now. But being the PR savvy genius that he is, he knows the power of threatening comebacks and leaving things open ended in retorts.

Floyd seemed to be following the footsteps of Joe Calzaghe, Lennox Lewis and Andre Ward who got out while still at the top and on their own terms. He is well aware of the power of unpredictability, more so if you observe the career path of Floyd so far. Which is why whenever he was questioned about the future, like the crafty professional that he is, his response was ‘I don’t know’.

However, now he is perfectly sure about his boxing career and he has made it very clear to the world as well:  “My health is my wealth.”

Although he can still make loads of money by fighting but the fact of the matter is that he’s realized what’s more important and sticking with that-for the time being atleast.

However, lets not count out the rare occasions of exhibition-type bouts in the future. But legitimate, professional boxing contest against top-level competition is definitely out of the question.

This is the perfect time for him to get back to polishing his fighters at his promotional company though. Caught up in his own career, he’s been neglecting that part of his life for sometime now. This is the right time to use his business acumen by giving advice outside the ring to his fighters as well as inside the squared circle.