Floyd Mayweather out of Retirement…for MMA

The Mayweather vs McGregor matchup was the biggest boxing spectacle of the year. It was the richest fight in history, with both fighters making record purses. McGregor was the biggest draw in MMA and Mayweather was the same for boxing. Floyd Mayweather came out on top in the fight and retired from boxing.

There have been rumors that Money has been training for a boxing fight but he has refuted all claims of him coming out of retirement. But now reports are resurfacing that he is in talks with UFC Supremo Dana White for a possible match in UFC.

Floyd Mayweather in MMA

The all-knowing Joe Rogan has claimed that Floyd Mayweather is in serious talks with Dana White for a possible MMA debut!

Floyd Mayweather

It’s crazy…right?

What would make Floyd Mayweather come out of retirement and try MMA?

$1 billion might do it.

A Multi-fight Deal

Mayweather and White are currently discussing a multi-fight deal worth over a billion dollar.

Money is considering entering the octagon, knowing that he may get thrashed in there.

Mayweather is one of the most skilled boxers in history. The 50-0 record is proof enough.

But he is no match for MMA fighters. The wrestling skills, ground game, submission maneuvers, etc. are just some of the techniques that he will have to learn.

A body that has been trained for just boxing for 2 plus decades can’t be molded for the MMA arena.

The Realistic Deal

If Mayweather seriously wants to try his hand in MMA at 40, and he can achieve some sort of success in it, then he will be considered one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Realistically, this deal, if it happens, is likely for promotional purposes. A marketing ploy to fill the seats at UFC events.

There may be a fight or two against newbies whom Mayweather can overwhelm with his boxing.

The deal hasn’t happened yet and most likely it won’t happen anytime soon.

What do you guys think of Mayweather in MMA?