GGG vs Canelo: Breaking Down the Fight

The super fight, GGG vs Canelo, is just around the corner. Boxing fans are ecstatic about the two of the best middleweights, some would say in all weight classes, take on each other in an ultimate matchup.

There is more on the line here than just titles.

Golovkin in ring, GGG vs Canelo

The legacy of Gennady Golovkin.

The pride of Canelo Alvarez.

Alvarez fighting, GGG vs Canelo

The pound-for-pound crown and much, much more will be decided Saturday 16 of September. The venue for the fight is the same one that hosted the ‘Money Fight’ last month, the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fans always want to become part of the fights and you can do that by checking the betting odds and undercard of the fight and commenting on the breakdown of the fight, detailed below.

GGG vs Canelo Breakdown

Defensive Prowess

‘The best defense is the best offense’ Golovkin goes by that philosophy and just punishes opponents in the ring.

Alvarez has all the defensive moves in the book and his opponents have said that he is very hard to hit.

Edge to Alvarez

Full Fight Stamina

Golovkin power is so overwhelming that he can defeat opponents before the fight can do the distance. So he hasn’t been completely tested by any boxer, except his last fight.

Alvarez is the younger fighter and he has fought in 10 bouts that have gone to all 10 rounds.

Edge to Alvarez


Golovkin has been known to produce some impressive foot and hand speed but it doesn’t get close to the quickness that Alvarez has.

He is a master at throwing devastating combos in quick succession.

Edge to Alvarez

Iron Jaw

Golovkin’s chin is made of steel.

He has yet to be knocked down in almost 400 fights, both amateur and pro combined.

GGG has taken a lot more powerful hits that Canelo can throw.

Edge to Golovkin

Raw Punching Power

Golovkin has knocked out 33 of his 37 opponents.

His knockout percentage is about 90%. He hits with all his might and that can rock, knockdown and knock out people.

Edge to Golovkin


Alvarez has fought in 51 pro fights, so his pro experience goes above Golovkin’s 37.

But GGG has fought in about 400 fights in his amateur and pro career.

Edge to Golovkin

In the past decade, no fight has been this close to call. This really is an even matchup.

Look at the facts and tell us who you think will be the winner of the Supremacy fight!