GGG vs Mayweather – A War of Words

Floyd Mayweather is currently enjoying his retirement after getting his 50th win against Conor McGregor. Mayweather vs McGregor was the biggest fight, in terms of the money involved, in the world of boxing. But retirement doesn’t mean that ‘Money’ will not make speak about possible matchups with other greats of the boxing world. GGG vs Mayweather is what the boxer was heard commenting about recently.

Mayweather thinks that Gennady Golovkin, a knockout machine that recently faced Canelo Alvarez in an epic fight, will be easy work for him.

The boxer himself hasn’t responded to these comments but GGG’s manager did take exception to them.

GGG vs Mayweather would end as people expect

Golovkin’s Manager, Tom Loeffler, thinks that if Gennady and Floyd ever fought, Gennady will finish him for the first time inside the ring.

Golovkin in ring, GGG vs Canelo

Golovkin is a middleweight champion and many of his opponents have said that he fights like a light heavyweight. He has raw punching power, his defensive skills are highly underrated, and he has never lost a fight.

He hasn’t even been knocked down in a professional fight.

Mayweather’s list of accomplishments are undeniable, 50-0 record in professional boxing speaks for itself.

Why they never fought?

A possible matchup between the two was never discussed when Mayweather was active, mainly because they never fought in the same weight class.

But Mayweather has stoked the discussion by making the comments.

And GGG’s manager has hit back in fine fashion.

It is one of those boxing fights that will probably never happen. Mayweather is retired and even if it wasn’t, he would probably never take a fight with a 160-pound fighter.

Mayweather ripped

It wouldn’t be smart of him, and Mayweather is a smart fighter.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t have a discussion on who might win in a possible matchup between GGG and Money.

So sound off in the comments below, who do you think will win in a GGG vs Mayweather matchup?