Give Thanks For Thanksgiving!

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The festival of Thanksgiving is one of the most positive events on the American Calendar. Not only does it bring together friends and family, offers tons of delicious foods, officially initiates holiday shopping season but it also gives you the opportunity to take stock of all your blessings and be thankful for them.

If robust health and fitness are among the list of things you are deeply thankful for, then on the 4th Thursday of November you need to show your gratitude by guarding what you hold so close to heart. Yes, I am talking about creating a strategy to avoid falling victim to the notorious “Food Coma” on Thanksgiving.

Here are a few simple tips to stay healthy this Thanksgiving Season and beyond:

Cheating Is Allowed

It’s a festival, with friends and family in attendance so forget about your routine diet and indulge a bit. According to experts, treating yourself every now and then helps you stay on track. According to Nancy Redd, author of Body Drama and Diet Drama “There is no way to sustain constant dieting without a cheat day,” Work hard the rest of the year, and just enjoy yourself when the holiday comes.” Moral of the story: A successful diet is a sustainable diet! There is no need to torture yourself with deprivation, since the stress associated with thinking about overeating is actually what causes overeating.

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Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is about feasting on it visually as well. Scarfing down food usually ends up in over eating. You may find it hard to believe but studies carried out in this area show that mindful eating is closely linked to lower BMIs. Savoring each bite and reflecting upon its colors, textures and flavors can honestly save you from over indulgence.

Turkey is Healthy

Turkey is any Thanksgiving meals main attraction, and turkey is white meat which in turn is a healthy choice of meat. Packed with protein, selenium, B vitamins, and amino acids that help balance your mood, and in moderate serving sizes can be a very healthy meal.


Sharing is Caring

There is nothing more depressing than eating alone. Family meals or eating with friends usually results in people making healthier choices in cooking as well as eating. According to Rutgers University researchers, family meals tend to be healthier meals. People who ate with their families were found to have lower BMIs. The key, of course, is keeping up those positive family vibes year round.

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Gratitude is Essential

Its Thanksgiving so showing gratitude should come naturally. People who are grateful usually have a very positive frame of mind, and studies show that positive people are more likely to take better care of themselves and their health. So be thankful for your body (whichever shape or size it may be), celebrate it being healthy and strong, and chances are you’ll treat it with respect.

Rest. Roast. Rejoice

Thanksgiving is a holiday across the country. Holidays are a great way to relax and enjoy. According to a Framingham Heart Study, people who took at least two vacations a year were eight times less likely to suffer coronary disease. Residual happiness of festive holidays usually lasts for almost two weeks, not to mention that it’s a great opportunity to catch up on missed sleep and rest during your routine work cycle. It’s no secret that people who take time off of work are generally happier than those who don’t.

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