Detailed Guide To Fill Empty Punching Bag

Punching bag is the must-have companion for every trainer either in a gym or home.

From simple exercises for amateurs to complex high-octane cardio workouts, you can use this accessory for any and every kind of workout routine.

There are filled punching bags available in the market for your ease and comfort. However, here at RDX, we give you an option to buy the empty punching bags as well.

There are two main benefits attached to the use of empty punching bags.

  1. Cheaper than their filled counterparts
  2. Customizable as you can fill them with the material as per your training requirement and desirability.

In this guide, we will tell you how to fill the empty punching bag properly. You can’t compromise on the comfort and safety of your training session with the heavy bag.

Is Filling Material Important?

If you just want a so-called filled punch bag, you can even throw some torn pieces of discarded clothes in it. You will even be able to use it for the training.

However, it will lead you to a pathetic training experience. Why?

  • Doesn’t swing properly.
  • Dangerous for your knuckles and wrist.
  • Filling material will sink to the bottom: Soft top but the hard bottom.
  • Incorrect resistance.

Filling of Punching Bag

There are three main types of filling you can use for your punching bag

  1. Sawdust Filling
  2. Old Clothes Filling
  3. Sand Filling

You can also buy a special filling for your punching bag. However, here we will be discussing the most cost-effective methods to fill your punching bag.

1. Clothes Filling

It is one of the cheapest filling materials for your heavy bag. But if done correctly, your medium heavy punching bag won’t disappoint you in the next training session.

Remember two tips if your filling material is torn clothes.

  1. Fold the cloths’ pieces beforehand.
  2. Place the pieces very tightly with no space in between them.
  3. Add cloth in even layers from bottom to top.
  4. Ensure the cloth is packed especially at the sides of the punching bag.

If you don’t have old cloth pieces in your home, you can buy the scraps from the clothing manufacturers.

2. Sawdust Filling

In this method, you will get a hard-punching bag.


  • Torn Pieces of Clothes
  • Rubble Sack
  • Sawdust


  1. Fill 30% of your punching bag with the clothes tightly.
  2. Then put the rubble sack.
  3. Now fill it with the sawdust until it reaches the sides of your punching bag. You can use multiple ruble sacks as per your usability requirements.
  4. Now close the mouth of rubble sack.

Make sure that you are not putting sawdust directly into the bag.

3. Sand Filling

No, we are not asking you to complete the whole bag with sand. The sand-only filling will make it rock-hard, even for the professional boxers out there.

Sand filling is just added to increase the weight of your punching bag.

To have an all-rounder punching bag, combine all the filling materials we have mentioned above. Keep on refilling it regularly in case of stuffing issues.

  • Add sawdust for lighter equipment.
  • Add sand for heavier equipment.

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