Healthy Foods That Increase Your Stamina

Imagine going on a long drive in a beautiful weather. The road is smooth and you have company to keep you entertained. There is nothing that you can think of that would wreck your mood. Suddenly, to your biggest surprise, the automobile runs out of gas. This is exactly what happens to our bodies on daily basis. We think that our bodies are fully charged and capable of accompanying us through a long journey but they come to a sudden halt. And this is exactly the root cause of the constant procrastination when it comes to paying your gym a visit.

However, you can deal with your not-so-eager attitude with a few mindful choices. You are truly what you consume. So you can easily take care of your lack of energy by using healthier, stamina-boosting foods in your menu.

Following foods help rev up stamina providing the needed energy to perform everyday tasks.

Brown Rice

Our bodies basically derive their energy sources from carbohydrates. But not all sources of carbs are ideal for boosting stamina. In order to improve stamina, you need to ensure that your food intake consists of complex carbs. Complex carbs do not provide instant sources of energy; rather they slowly release energy in the blood, providing the body with the needed power to function throughout the day. Brown rice is an excellent source of complex carbs along with Vitamin B complex and fibre. Contrary to white rice, brown rice are not loathed with starch, making them quite easy to digest. This means brown rice give your body the feeling of fullness while providing energy reserves to carry out through the day.


Omega-3 fatty acids are fuel for our bodies and brains. However, most people do not add this important ingredient in their diet and experience symptoms such as lack of memory and fatigue. Fish consists of two out of three omega acids – DHA and EPA. They are especially abundant in tuna and salmon. Fish meat is also a good source of Vitamin D and proteins. You can derive half of your daily recommended protein allowance by consuming 100 grams of fish.

Citrus Fruits

Whether you are looking to beat down a flu infection or revive your body in the sweltering weather, citrus fruits are foods that are great to give that instant boost that you desperately need. These foods are abundant in Vitamin C and increase energy reserves by removing toxins from the body, help in absorption of iron and increase immunity to fight against diseases. Has your workout left your drained and dehydrated? Relish some orange juice.


Bananas are an excellent way to ignite slowed down metabolism by providing potassium, B6 and fiber. Known as ideal pre-workout snack, they can instantly generate energy in the body. Consuming bananas helps release dopamine in the body, a hormone which makes the body feel good no matter how gruelling your workout session is.

Almonds & Walnuts

Almonds and walnuts are loaded with amino acids, which are essential for regeneration of muscles. Rich in healthy fats, they regulate cardiovascular system and boost energy levels in the body. They are quite useful for the healthy functioning of the brain and bones and munching them often helps in shedding pounds that you despise.

Green Leafy Vegetables

If you have been feeling chronic fatigue, it could be because your body’s iron is low. Iron is an essential component in the manufacturing of haemoglobin. In absence of this important nutrient, the body is not provided with ample oxygen to carry on its daily functions. Dense with iron and micronutrients, green leafy vegetables provide the body with fiber and vitamins. They improve the Red Blood Count in the body, which regulates blood and oxygen supply in the body. Veggies like spinach instantly boost energy. Now you know how Popeye turned into a powerhouse by gulping in some spinach.