Holiday Season Gift Ideas For Him

The holiday season is all about gifts, food and family & friends reunions. This is a season of utter decadence as far as food is concerned. To top it all off the weather during this time is cold and cast over, so most days are spent in a lazy haze of work, shopping and social commitments. While experts believe this is the perfect time to start training and getting into shape, most people would rather chew glass than head to the gym.

But the right kind of motivation can move mountains, let alone the laziest of people into action and committed to beginning the coming year as fit as a fiddle. That’s where your creativity comes in. Thinking up of gifts for the men in your life (father, brother, husband, son, etc.), encouraging them to step up their fitness game and put their lazy side to bed for good.

RDX Sports has a lot of such options up its sleeve. Gifts which won’t just light up his eyes but push him out the door or into your home gym. So read on to whip him into shape for the New Year ahead…


If you believed combat sports was just about boxing, AURA is your wake up call. Being one of RDX Sport’s most extensive range, it cover just about every genre of combat sports your father, brother, husband or son could be interested in. The range encompasses three separate series; Vanguard, Shield and Enhance as well as a line of fitness apparel.  AURA is the culmination of Nova Tech with its wrinkle free flat arc nova panel technology.

AURA Vanguard a series for professionals,

AURA Shield for training aspirants, while

AURA Enhance is for coaching.  

AURA is undoubtedly the biggest range to have come out of RDX Sports so far.



If the men in your life are ink lovers, then Harrier is the series right out of their fantasies. Harrier is the world’s first ever Tattooed boxing glove. Like AURA, Harrier too is based on the Nova Tech technology, but performance wise it is in a league of its own. Equipped with MG 3 Mould that secures the wrists in perfect form and makes it possible for the glove to accommodate compressed EVA, Blacktop foam to give the fighter unmatched security while maintaining agility.

Made using Super-Skin, a vegan, laminated leather that promises enhanced durability and comfort, better than authentic leather. Its Anti-Thumb Lock secures the thumb exactly where it needs to be to prevent involuntary twists and impact, giving better form, and protection from serious injuries.



Is for men who let their actions do the talking. The dark, mysterious types who talk less and do more. The range itself is an amalgamation of formidable, powerful and eternal. Its signature black is a shade synonymous with combat since the dawn of time. With matching Headguards, Focuspads, and Gloves, Noir not only promises an unparalleled union of tech and comfort, but a worthy tribute to the warrior within.


If your man is worried about his carbon footprint on earth, then Nero is his hero. The entire range is made of environmentally healthy materials. The leather is lab engineered and miraculously performs far better than real leather. Available in some of the most striking colors to play on his fun loving side as well.

Photo Credit: _Italo_