How to set up MMA gym at home

Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again where the mornings and evenings are dark, making it even harder to muster the enthusiasm to get up early to go to the gym and train. Imagine if it was possible to do this without leaving the comfort of your own home! Well, it is, and all you need is a spare room and the right kind of equipment to give yourself a full body workout.

Obviously, when it comes to your dedicated technical MMA training you have need a trainer but in terms of fitness and the kinds of workouts you need to do to improve your strength for MMA fights/competitions, you are more than well equipped to do it from home with the RDX Sports range of products.

Which Equipment To Prioritise

As space is limited, it is important prioritise the kind of equipment that will bring the most benefit to your workout. For MMA, the vast majority of your strength will come from the upper body so anything that can help you strengthen that will be great. One of the best RDX products for space saving is the all in one MMA pull up bar/chin up bar & 5ft punch bag. It is designed so that it only takes up the space of a punch bag.

As well as your standard 5ft punch bag, it is also a good idea to have an angled punch bag. This is the best way to practice both your kicking and punching on the same page, and saved a huge amount of space.

Extras & Accessories

A set of weights always compliments any set up well but make sure you take in to account that you’ll need MMA gloves for your practice. RDX supply a range of gloves from training to sparring to professional fight gloves. Also ensure you have wraps to protect your wrists when punching for long periods of time.

Even though it may seem simple, it will improve your training. The key is to get a core group of products that performing the most functions to fit in the space available.