Interview with Marc Hoffmann – Freeletics Athlete & Coach

Marc Hoffmann is one of the top names in the world of Freeletics and one of its biggest advocates. He has a very successful blog at where he gives his followers tips on everything from mental strength to different workout routines and nutritional advice.

What exactly is Freeletics though I hear you ask?

Well, it seems that not a great deal of people are actually aware of it but its popularity is growing quickly, especially throughout mainland Europe. The basis of Freeletics is that it is a high intensity training workout that can be customized easily to meet whatever the person’s goal is. Freeletics uses body weight for workouts, meaning you don’t have to go to the gym to do it, basic equipment such as pull up bars would be good enough. The main exercises involved are sit ups, push ups, pull ups, squats, sprints, burpees and many more.

Workouts last anywhere from 3 – 30 minutes and the idea is to do them as fast as you can with barely any breaks involved. When you first start you may find you are slower than you need to be but as you progress you should be able to do your exercises quicker. The theory behind the exercise is that you are putting your body under so much stress that it is forced to adapt, you will find your body structure change quickly and you build muscle faster than any other methods you have tried in the past.

So without further ado, here is what Marc had to say on Freeletics…

RDX: Hi Marc! So…Freeletics, if you had to sum it up in one sentence, what would it be?

Marc: Freeletics is a very good way to change and optimize your beliefs system, find new friends, get in great shape fast and become extremely fit with a lot of fun.

RDX: Can it be used as just a physical workout to build muscle or do you need to change the way you live and eat as well?

Marc: In this case the way of living changes too. A good workout is only possible when you have filled up your tank with good, powerful nutrition. The focus has to be on both parts: 110% nutrition and 110% workout. Eating clean, no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol and a good deep sleep are the base to make new personal bests possible.

RDX: How long have you been involved in the Freeletics scene, is it better than the other workouts you have done in the past?

Marc: I started with Freeletics in early 2014 and quickly found some workout groups to bring other people together. Before I started Freeletics I tried a lot of different workout sports and yes, at the moment it is a lot of fun and a great way to workout.

RDX: For someone who wants to get involved in Freeletics how would you advise them to go about it? Can they do it from home, reading advice on the internet or should they go to a personal trainer?

Marc: In my opinion the best way to start with Freeletics is to download the Freeletics App and visit a group workout that can be found over Google by searching for “Freeletics YOUR CITY ”. You´ll get a lot of motivation and tricks from other athletes and make new friends. Most people start their first workout at home because you only need the Freeletics App, some water to drink and a towel for the sweat. At the beginning it is good to read some tips and reviews about nutrition and equipment written by other athletes. If someone tries to save money by buying low quality equipment he will pay twice. In Germany my grandmother always told me: “Marc, always remember quality has its price!” and she was right. But for work out a personal coach is always better than only reading advice and tutorials on the internet. He is able to correct the execution of your exercises and give you a lot of important feedback to stay healthy. In some of my seminars my answer to this question is: “You don´t learn to swim from books!”

RDX: How long will it be before you start to see results?

Marc: How fast your body starts to transform depends on the intensity of your workout. When someone really works his a** off it can be very fast. Some people are very happy and see the first positive changes on their body after 3 weeks. But the most important (invisible) change starts between the ears of every athlete when he keeps moving forward.

RDX: What do you see in the future for Freeletics? Will it stay roughly the same or do you think it will be modified with other workouts?

Marc: The future of Freeletics will be defined by the entrepreneurs in the background who are always optimizing the App for more and better workout routines. I´m very optimistic that they will always keep an eye on the feedback of the athletes to ensure they stay happy.

RDX: Finally, are there any good forums/communities you can recommend online for people to check out if they need advice or help from experienced athletes?

Marc: Yes the sites are:


RDX Sports would like to thank Marc for participating in the interview and give us an insight in to the world of Freeletics. Don’t forget to check out Marc’s blog at