Invest In Black Friday & Cyber Monday For Your Good Health!

It may have all started with Halloween, but the real deals will start pouring in near Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But why a blog dedicated to fitness and health be talking about sales, deals and discounts, you may ask. Well because we don’t just want you to make informed choices about your physical health, we care just as much about your financial health too. So read on to know why November is the time to invest in a lifetime commitment to health and fitness.

The Chill Factor…

November is the official announcement of winter’s arrival, and FYI summer bodies are made in winters. So start working on your body now. The time for endless days outdoors in the sun are over and it’s time to stay indoors and get cozy with your gym membership or home gym. If you haven’t indulged in either so far, now is the perfect time to get down to it.

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Lots of gyms and fitness studios will be offering discount deals on new memberships for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So get up and get going!

Just about every brand of health & fitness equipment will be offering huge discounts and deals during this time of year. So invest in some essential fitness equipment and gear for a home gym and start preparing for a whole new YOU in the New Year. Check out the amazing deals being offered by RDX Sports on just about anything and everything you might need to set up a home gym.

The Festivities have begun…

November is also the doorway to the festive season ahead. It is also a glimpse into the season of over indulgence, relaxation and family fun. Starting with the sugar rush of Halloween, met in the middle with a turkey induced “food coma” on Thanksgiving and heading on to the decadent lure of cakes, cookies, eggnog and what not on Christmas, this time of year is lined with pit-stops for weight gain.

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Which is why investing in a gym membership or health & fitness gear for your home-gym while it’s all so affordable on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the healthiest choice you can make.

Or ask family and friends to make healthy choices on your behalf and present you with equipment/gear you want for your home-gym. Kick start the New Year resolved to losing all that weight you gained over the holidays.

Sweat Out the winter blues…

The beginning of winters is also the beginning of the winter blues. However, exercise keeps your blood pumping at a rapid rate throughout your body, keeping you naturally warm through elevated temperature

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More than 10% of the population suffer from SAD “Seasonal Affective Disorder.” The cold, gray, dreary days can invoke depression like symptoms such as lethargy, overeating, pessimistic thought processes, decreased sex drive, heightened state of anxiety, and more.

Staying active with a gym routine helps your body fight imbalance in chemicals and keeps you in an upbeat mood.

Everything is on Sale…

If the previous two reasons weren’t strong enough to convince you to invest in fitness gear during Black Friday & Cyber Monday-then just remember, prices of everything have been cut down dramatically during these two events. Just about anything and everything you might need, apparel, equipment to accessories, to shed weight is available at highly discounted rates.

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If you don’t believe me just check out to find a treasure trove of discounts and deals on products specifically for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Remember, RDX products are what professional athletes use to train with so join the league of the super fit and start working on that summer body right now!


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