Legendary Boxer Jake LaMotta ‘The Raging Bull’ has passed away

Giacobbe ‘Jack’ LaMotta, nicknamed The Raging Bull, has passed away. He was an accomplished middleweight boxer and a middleweight boxing champion who enjoyed many successes inside the ring. He was the subject of the 1980 Oscar winning Martin Scorsese film Raging Bull, in which he was portrayed brilliantly by Robert De Niro.

The Real Raging Bull

Jake LaMotta died aged 95. The boxing world lost one of its most well-known stars. Both Scorsese and De Niro paid tribute to the former boxing great.

Martin Scorsese said, “He [LaMotta] was larger than life”.

And De Niro gave a short but heartfelt statement, “Rest in peace, Champ”.

Raging bull

Robert De Niro (L) & Jake LaMotta (R)

Jake LaMotta hailed from New York. He was known for his brawling style of fighting and absolutely punishing people inside the ring.

He fought in 106 professional boxing fights in his entire career, winning 83 of them.

Post Boxing

LaMotta retired from boxing in 1954 and invested in different businesses. He also became a stand-up comedian in his later years.

He was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990. 10 years after Raging Bull came out.

Jake 'The Raging Bull' LaMotta

The film put his personal story in front of the audience and showed how he struggled in his personal life.

LaMotta was personally involved in the making of the film, even training with the star Robert De Niro.

He would spar with the actor to help him get a better idea on how he moved inside the ring.

He was 55 at the moment and asked the younger De Niro to not be afraid to hit him.

The film won 2 Oscars, one of them for Robert De Niro’s portrayal of LaMotta.

LaMotta was a gifted boxer. His rage was what made him an excellent boxer and that is also what caused him problems in his personal life.

Boxing has lost a true legend, may he Rest in Peace.