Jon Jones Tests Positive for Steroids

UFC’s new light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tests positive for a banned substance in his mandatory drug test for UFC 214. The news was confirmed by Dana White who called it ‘crushing’. Jones made a successful comeback to the UFC in Anaheim, California against his rival Daniel Cormier at UFC 214. He defeated Cormier via KO and regained the title.

Jones Tests Positive Again

Jon Jones was in a similar situation just a year ago. This was supposed to be his redemption and he wanted to turn his life around and be the same kind of MMA fighter he was before.

History, it seems, is repeating itself.

Jon Jones inside MMA octagon Jones tests positive

UFC collects samples from fighters before the fight. The sample in question was taken from Jones on July 28. Cormier vs. Jones happened on July 29. In its statement, UFC did not clarify which banned substance Jones had taken.

Jones’ Team Reacts

The official statement from the Jones’ camp is that they are ‘at a loss for words’, but his teammate Frank Lester had a different take on the matter.

He claims that he was with ‘Bones’ when he got the call about the drug test.

According to the UFC, Jones took an oral steroid days before the fight. Scientifically speaking, steroids need time to give you any kind of advantage; sometimes months. So, according to Lester, Jones would have no reason to take that steroid at that time because it wouldn’t make any difference for him. He believes that all of this is a set-up.

Daniel Cormier’s Reaction

Daniel Cormier, Jones’ opponent at UFC 214 and longtime rival, says that he will reserve his judgment until the whole situation is clarified.

Daniel Cormier, Dana White, Jon Jones scuffle at press event

Photo by: Mogaz News

The samples from Jones will be tested again to confirm the reports. If the results are the same then Jones could be in big trouble. It will be the second time that he has been mired by steroid use and it could be devastating for his MMA career.

We will keep you updated on the story.