Joshua Vs Takam – A Battle of High-Sounding Claims

Carlos Takam from Cameroon/France is going to face the Anthony Joshua, a British boxing star, in Cardiff. All the boxing fans are anxious to watch Joshua vs Takam fight Saturday Oct 28.

Recently we covered the story of upcoming boxing battle of Joshua Vs Takam. What happened next?

Joshua vs Takam Updates

What is going to be the fate of this fight? Will Joshua be able to adjust his training regimen to face Takam in his next battle? Or will Takam prove his high-sounding claims right and defeat his opponent Joshua?

Joshua vs Takam

With a shining record of winning all of his 19 professional bouts, Joshua is ready to face his next challenger in front of the 80,000 fans inside Principality Stadium.

Maintaining a third position in IBF rankings, his opponent Carlos Takam is ready for the fight. He is confident for his upcoming match and claims to have zero-stress or fear against Joshua.

Joshua is among those boxers who come forward and throw speed punches. On the other hand, Takam is not worried about the boxing style of Joshua,

“I like opponents who like to come forward and throw punches, “says Takam.

Carlos Takam boxed against Joseph Parker for the title of WBO heavyweight in New Zealand. A match that he lost.

Will he get over his defeat and win this fierce battle of punches against Joshua?

Joshua on the other hand, is not over-confident and is not underestimating his opponent. He is ready to take on this tough opponent next week.

Is Joshua worried about his rival who never stops attacking?

Well, at least his statements suggest that.

Joshua believes that this match is going to be dragged on to 10 or 12 rounds.  Because the Takam’s head is like a block of cement.

Who is going to be the heavy hitter in this upcoming match? What do you think?