“Just want to be the best!” Deontay Wilder

An Olympic pedigree or the clever nickname “The Bronze Bomber” are not the only things responsible for making Deontay Wilder what he is today in the world of boxing.  The boxer is a formidable presence in the ring with his power punches earning him the image of the hardest hitter in all of boxing history. That alone stands for a lot, considering other similar icons, like Shavers, Frazier, and Liston.

With his 6’7 height and a slim frame, Wilder’s shots, particularly his right have ended many fights soon and more devastatingly than expected. His notorious punching power won him an almost lost match against Tyson Fury last year.
In spite of hanging out with the biggest names in boxing, skeptics believe that power is all Wilder has to being to the table. Wilder doesn’t possess the skill to truly be a magnificent technician.
Wilder, though, would like naysayers to be silenced forever. He wants the argument of he and he alone being the best heavyweight on earth to be settled for good. He wants to be acknowledged as one of the greatest boxers of all time. “I just want to be the best in the world, I want to be the best that’s ever done it. All I can do at this point in my career,” he claims, “is rack up numbers.” He has already raked in quite a few and at just 34, he’s bound to rake in plenty more.