KC 37: Ericsson Samuel Takes The Nerve Of Tarek Khelifi

Karate Combat 37 was a spectacular event. The media itself even claiming it as one of the best-covered events so far in Karate Combat history. Prizefighter, “The Sensation”, Samuel Ericsson made his second return to “the Pit”, and found himself a supreme finish in the third round. His opponent Tarek Khelifi was extremely confident throughout the press conferences and pre-fight media. However, when facing loss at the hands of Samuel. Tarek has been nothing but humble and sportsmanlike.

The Nerve OF Khelifi

Samuel has found victory in the pit only once before, against Alberto Ramirez. Ramirez was a tough competitor for Samuel. Both the media and the fans heavily contested the decision to win. Doubts and negative presses ended up pressuring and drowning out the well-earned victory Samuel achieved.

However, with all that pressure and more, on Ericsson’s shoulders, on Saturday night at KC 37, Samuel found himself in the third round, launching a low kick, from which dreams are made of.

Ericsson left the flash and flair at home on Saturday. He stoically made his way to the pit, put his hands up, and pushed the pace in every round.

Biting down on his mouthpiece, Ericsson dropped Tarek with a devastating right hand in the very first round.

In the second round, Ericsson ate a shot similar to the one he provided Tarek. Like a consummate professional, but he immediately recovered. We learned that when push comes to shove, Samuel has the hands, heart, AND chin required to make it as a professional fighter.

In the third round, Samuel landed an extremely powerful low kick on Tarek hitting his Peroneal Nerve. Later he made an explanation post on the importance of such a kick. Further outlining the significance of landing it with perfect accuracy.


Tarek was darting in every direction in hopes of disengaging from the onslaught Samuel brought. On one particular step, Tarek hopped backward and landed on the top of his foot, causing his ankle to roll. To his credit, he attempted to hobble and hop on one foot to take pain and pressure away from the injury and further made an effort to continue fighting.

Samuel, however, saw his opponent, stumbling backward, unable to find balance or sure footing, and took the opportunity, to execute some brutal ground and pound. A few moments later the match was stopped as Tarek Khelifi was not able to continue.

Samuel Ericsson defeated Tarek Khelifi by TKO after Khelifi severely rolled his ankle during the 3rd round of their match. [This may have been aided by at least one very powerful leg kick by Ericsson.]

The twist of fate, via a twist of the ankle, may still leave doubt in the naysayers’ minds. That it wasn’t 100 percent Ericsson’s effort that put Khelifi away on Saturday… But anyone that watched the fight knew Samuel Ericsson was putting on an impressive display of skill and willpower.

Ericsson’s performance at KC 37 was outstanding and Karate Combat President Adam Kovacs has confirmed that “The Sensation”, Samuel Ericsson will return to the Pit soon. He further stated that Samuel is hungry for competition. With more KC events being finalized regularly we should expect more of “The Sensation”, Samuel Ericsson’s, flawless skills in participating in these finesse-focused fights.