Tyron Woodley Predicts Khabib Nurmagomedov As Probable Winner Of UFC 229 Headliner Event

Reigning welterweight champion American artist Tyron Woodley has time and again proved his potential inside the octagon. But his skills are not just confined to outstanding moves within the cage; 36-year-old fighter is blessed with the ability to gauge fight situations critically. Recently, The Chosen One made his prediction about the upcoming bout between current lightweight title holder Khabib Nurmagomedov and former two-division champion Conor McGregor as UFC 229 headliner event.

While talking about the possible outcome of affrighting affair between the Dagestani Eagle and the Notorious McGregor on The Hollywood Beatdown on TMZ a few days ago, Woodley stated that he could safely place his bet on Khabib winning the bout.

Woodley went on to add that though he could foresee Khabib successfully defending his accolade against Irish challenger in UFC 229 headliner event, deep down inside he was hoping that Conor made it to the top, as it could greatly increase his chance of facing off the Notorious next.

According to the Chosen One,

“I’ll be there [at UFC 229]. I’ll be working the [Fox Sports] desk. I would think that if Khabib’s really about that action, he’s going to do what he says and it’s going to be really tough for Conor to have any lead in that arm to throw that knockout punch in the fourth or fifth round, so I would say Khabib [wins]. But just for selfish purposes, if Conor wins, then the only fight that makes sense is for him to fight me. Try to get a third belt.”

He further added,

“From my analyst hat, my mind says Khabib, but my bank account and my legacy says Conor. I would take that fight in a heartbeat.”

If Tyron Woodley’s dream fight materializes, the welterweight artist isn’t expecting it to more than a single night’s hard work. While voicing his opinions, this is what Woodley said,

“Conor thought he wanted smoke and then he realized he really didn’t. I would smash him. He’s too little. He’s got one punch. What fighter have I ever fought that’s been able to beat me with one tool?”

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