Khabib Nurmagomedov v Max Holloway – Fight Preview

For what seemed to be the most anticipated takedown on UFC 223 got somewhat exploited again as fans of Tony Ferguson were surprised to know about his popped knee this April Fool’s day. Though the devotees of Ferguson might have considered it as a surprise way to knock off his Russian rival, it soon brought huge disappointment as Max Holloway replaced the lightweight artist. While it may or may not be a back-door exit for the American artist, Holloway faces his lifetime challenge as the undisputed featherweight champion and Russian artist face off this Saturday in Brooklyn, New York as the main highlight of the event. The Barclay’s center brawl will be contested for UFC lightweight title, which means Holloway is dared to notch up higher in just 6 days’ time.

Ferguson vs. Khabib had been re-scheduled for about four times in the past three years, making it the most sought after fight of UFC 223. However, where the last-moment switch has disappointed the former player’s followers, replacement of Holloway in a week’s time has re-ignited the flames. The sudden twist in the players and their respective divisions has brought forward many speculations, both negative and positive.

American lightweight artist had been scrutinizing Khabib hard for his pull out from UFC 209. And this was the perfect payback in disguise for Khabib. The Russian soon took to twitter and warned Tony: “Just want to advise you, don’t talk too much anymore.”

Prediction: While the Russian seems overwhelming with his challenging style, the huge weight cut and a minimal time period, it seems likely that facts would side with him. Khabib’s hurt ego of never triumphing over a world championship, would make one of the best fighter unstoppable.  However, Holloway shows promising striking moves, which pose some serious question marks for the Russian sensation. Had the match been played on same footings, it would have been a deadly shot. Still, the upcoming brawl is no less than a roller-coaster ride.  With taking facts into account, Khabib is likely to steer to top, as time as his favourite referee.