Leon Edwards on Khamzat Vs Nate: Who gets a shot at the belt?

Khamzat Chimaev Versus Nate Diaz is coming up this September 10th at T-Mobile Arena In Las Vegas, Nevada and the winner has strong contention for the welterweight title. That means fresh eager challengers for the Welterweight Champion Leon “Rocky” Edwards.

Leon v Masvidal Gets Canceled!

Earlier last year at UFC 269 when Jorge Masvidal dropped out of the fight with Leon Edwards. The first person to respond and offer their services to Leon was Khamzat Chimaev. And although Leon preferred a title shot this isn’t the first time Leon has dodged Khamzat.

Leon Training at AllStars

Prior to Khamzat joining the UFC. Leon Edwards made a stop at AllStars MMA Center to train with the legendary fighters and coaches there. Back then Khamzat complained that he wanted to spar with Rocky but he “Ran Away”.

“How can I put it. He was in our gym. I wanted to spar with him. But he ran away. When I wasn’t in the UFC. I offered to spar, he wouldn’t even spar with me. And he said: ‘In the future, maybe, we’ll see.’ When the fight was scheduled for the first time, he had Covid, and then I had my own problems. Now we are back – I challenged him, and he said he wants to fight Usman. And Usman isn’t going to fight for 6-7 months. So is Edwards just going to sit around? I don’t think so. I don’t know, he’s a weird dude too.”

Khamzat And Nates History

In the meantime, that same year for the first time Dana showed interest in Khamzat versus Nate. When Khamzat was asked back then about his opinion on a potential bout with Diaz, Khamzat had this to say:

“I would be hyped up from that. To see such an anchovy sitting nearby. He’s been fighting since the 70s. And I, born in 1994, come along and beat up an old man and went home.”

After his win over Kamaru Usman, the ex Welterweight Champion, Leon’s thoughts about Nate versus Khamzat changed. Instead of recognizing that Khamzat brutalized then Rank 3 Gilbert Burns and Nate is on a losing streak. Now he expects a similar upset from Nate as well, saying:

“Imagine the scenes. The scenes!” Edwards said. “I really hope he does [beat Chimaev], imagine the scenes. I would 100 percent give him a shot as well. That would be — the scenes would be crazy. I would 100 percent give Nate a shot because Nate’s a ‘G,’ man. I said it even after the fight, he is who he is. He’s one of the guys — the game’s never changed him. If that does happen, then Nate’s definitely getting the shot.”

On the other hand Khamzat has been looking for a Diaz fight since last year too. He had some interesting things to say then too:

RDX Sports couldn’t be more excited to stand with Team Borz whether that is against the new Welterweight Champion from the UK or the Veteran Gangster from the streets of the West Coast. Team RDX has Khamzat’s back no matter the weight division or title belt around someone’s waist. He has shown nothing but willpower and determination to reach out and achieve all his goals and King Borz has every right to hunt opponents freely in the UFC.