5 Tips Of Weight Management For Healthy Thanksgiving

A good day for foodies has finally arrived. From the spiced pumpkin pies and gravy-drenched turkey drumsticks to butternut mashed potatoes, every meal has an additional gravity power on this day.

There is one downside to this day of mega foods. You have worked all year to develop some exceptional heating habits to keep your belly fats at bay. But now, all in vain as your lost weight is about to chase you back.

Do you want to go back to the tremendous weight loss progress you made? Definitely not! Here is the ready-to-adopt solution for you. Establish a weight management plan before seating on the dining table.

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No, we won’t keep you deprived of those yumiliousΒ dishes. We have compiled a list of 5 awesome tips of weight management to ensure a thin and healthy Thanksgiving Day.

1. Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast Plate And Coffee

While thinking about the turkey meals, almost all of us try to save space for the dinner. There is a great meal ahead, why should I eat just now and fill up my belly!

Well, this is the first very wrong step you made. Once you skip the breakfast, you will try to gobble up everything later. According to a study published in the journal Obesity, overweight dieters who ate breakfast lost more weight than those who ate high-calorie dinners.

Avoid this monstrous hunger by having an optimum breakfast meal. Take high-protein meals like an egg whiteΒ veggie omelet or plain Greek yogurt (non-fat) with fresh fruits. It will make you feel fuller by tricking your hunger hormone.

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2. Workout Is Must

People Exercising In Gym

Before losing yourself among the high-fat dishes, don’t forget to have a good workout session.

In 2009, a study published in theΒ American Journal of Physiology stated that one can suppress the hunger hormone for up to 30 minutes after a vigorous workouts. Even after three hours of exercise, your appetite-suppressing hormone will stay boosted.

Another study in 2013 revealed that those who exercise will crave more for the healthier foods. They would choose to prefer the fiber-rich beans and vegetables on refined sugar meals (cookies and cakes).

Don’t worry, we have a ready-made workout bundle to keep you fit and smart!

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3. Eat In Small Plate

Food in small plate

It is a common observation that same food will appear to be more if it is added to the smaller plate instead of a bigger one.

In 2015, a study was published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews to support the theory. The researchers found out that the health conscious peeps who were given larger plates consumed more food than those who had the smaller plates.

So instead of extending your arm to pick up the biggest plate, choose the smallest one. You will automatically reduce the food consumption during the dinner.

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4. Talk More, Eat Less

People talking while eating

Yes, there is catch you missed. When you talk more, your eating speed will automatically slow down. When you eat slower, your brain would be tricked into thinking that you have eaten enough already.

Eat, bite, talk, and eat! Continue this cycle throughout the meal and decrease the food consumption rate.

5. Take Fruits As Dessert

Dessert with fruits

Pile healthy options on your plate while filling it with Thanksgiving special meals. When everyone out there is eating an apple pie or peanut butter desserts, consume your fruit tray.Β 

Take some fresh apple slices and sprinkle them with a little of cinnamon. If you just can’t say NO, suggest your auntie make some healthy dessert recipes.

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Celebrate your event with family instead of food. You have not gathered at one place just for a pile of food. Control your eating habits and make this day memorable with your dear ones. Enjoy the company for a healthy Thanksgiving, not Turkey!

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