Chronicle Of Martyn Ford – The Nightmare’s Journey From The Gym To The Octagon

MMA is not for the faint-hearted. It is a sport that involves courage not only to batter the opponent but to get some lethal grinding too. The spectators of the biggest fight of UFC, Khabib vs. Conor have witnessed to the extent a brawl can turn frightening. But if you think that neck crank was pretty vicious, then wait till you see a living giant rock the octagon. 6’ 8” RDX Ambassador Martyn ‘The Nightmare’ Ford has signed a deal with a Polish MMA promotion Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki and seems like a deadly threat to the pro league of MMA artists.

The bodybuilder boasts an intimidating physique that may cause the brave-hearted to quiver on the canvas. With his 320 lb. weight and a hovering size, Ford hasn’t always been the powerhouse that we see today.

Here’s a look back to his life before getting a big frame and name.

A tall, lean lad from Briton was an aspiring cricketer, looking to turn his passion into a legacy. But he couldn’t carry ahead with his dreams as an injury during a match caused his professional dreams to crumble. Devastated at the cruel turn of events, the then 11-stone teenager turned his focus towards fitness. Soon, he was able to develop a 23-stone magnificent size, turning many heads in amazement. Bodybuilding and fitness became his second love, and considering his unique physique he was able to land some pretty amazing movie roles in blockbuster flicks such as ‘Boyka: Undisputed‘, ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle‘, ‘Redcon-1‘  and ‘Accident Man’ with many under-production projects. Today Ford is immensely popular in social media realm too with 1.1 million followers on Instagram alone and is looked up as a source of motivation by many fitness enthusiasts.

Drive For Humongous Size

The Hulk that we see together has come a long way. As a kid, he was always interested in keeping fit. Rigorous exercise sessions were part of his daily routine as he focused his energies towards acquiring a career in sports. He soon joined Warwickshire Cricket team to assume the role of a bowler. However, lady luck struck hard on him as an injury forced the then 19-year-old bowler out of cricket putting a full stop to his career in the international cricket. His injury came along with grandular fever sidelining him from the sport for a year. This was a very crucial time for his professional growth, and being away from the ground meant losing out the opportunity to get his talent noted as a capable cricketer.

The sudden calamity proved too much for the teenager. The young lad fell into depression and sought fitness as means to re-gain his weight and mental strength. But soon, Ford understood that fitness could compensate him for his lost stardom. He was now able to control the reins of his body and his future.

In one of the posts shared by him on his Instagram, the bodybuilder shared his experience of facing defeat at the hands of nature. According to Martyn,

“I was lost when I finished playing cricket. I was convinced I would turn pro and that would be my life set out. With injuries, bad luck and just losing love for the game that never happened. But the void was never filled. I knew deep down I needed to succeed at something, that I had an ability to shine in some way.”

He went on to add,

“I have always been so focused and committed with a crazy ambition to win. Fast forward to today, I’m travelling the world with fitness, made two films with three more already lined up. Not to mention three businesses to my name.”

After achieving his primary goal, Martyn Ford did not stop treading on the new-found path towards fame. Today, with 13 more stones added to his meagre 11-stone body, the Hulk has no ambition to stop anytime soon.

With his constant dedication towards bodybuilding, the Nightmare can now conveniently perform leg press with a smart car’s weight. He is also capable of deadlifting 350 kg; the weight of the fattest woman in UK.

Humble Lifestyle

According to the bodybuilder achieving the unbelievable size was not a problem for him. He managed to get that hovering frame in a matter of four years. However, it is pretty much a challenge for him to maintain that body. For this, the bodybuilder-turned-actor keeps munching every hour. Martyn spends around 250 pounds on food every week with items such as chicken, brown rice, egg whites, oats, vegetables and potatoes. In order to keep his fitness intact, the bodybuilder also gulps down loads of water. Ford does not consume alcohol and avoids going to parties. Looking for a crossover into MMA, the bodybuilder trains twice a week for the combat sport. The future fighter is keen on sharing his videos on social media platforms and includes a footage of him brutally smashing a 100lbs bag that is detached from the wall.  The star owns his own gym in Minworth, Beta Bodz. He holds a university degree in sports science and is well-versed on disciplines of nutrition and personal training.

RDX ambassador Martyn Ford is a living example of courage and hard work. His ability to transform himself into an indomitable beast reflects the passion every one of us is blessed with. It is in fact the drive and not the circumstances that help us prune out the best of us. We wish our current ambassador the best in his latest venture. 

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