“Mayweather Should Get Life Insurance Before Khabib Fights Him” Says Manager Ali Abdelaziz

Current UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager Ali Abdelaziz has stated that his client can consider taking on boxing’s undefeated king Floyd Mayweather, once his contract with UFC expires. Abdelaziz has went on to warn the American boxer that he should get life insurance before stepping into the octagon.

The Dagestan Eagle and unbeaten 41-year-boxer are expected to enter into a crossover warfare. Ali Abdelaziz has asserted that a possible match-up was on horizon. Khabib’s UFC contract has only one fight left and as soon as the Russian unbeaten star is done with it, he would be looking to take on Pretty Boy. Abdelaziz further added that if Mayweather was looking for a real challenge, he should be ready to take on Khabib inside the cage.

While talking to TMZ Sports, the Russian star’s manager said,

“Dana White is the president of the UFC, Khabib has one more fight left on his contract. [White] want Khabib to fight Floyd. A fight, Floyd Mayweather is not a fighter, he’s an athlete. Boxing is a sport you can only use your hands, but UFC or MMA they are the baddest dudes on the planet, they gonna whoop your ass every time if you only know boxing.”


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According to Abdelaziz, Mayweather, however, wouldn’t actually face him off. Khabib’s manager thinks that no other boxer would either confront the frightening lightweight champion. Unbeaten Khabib boasts a clean resume of 27 wins inside the octagon and Abdelaziz states that Money is “bitching out” about him being on the “a-side” of the expected fight.

“He’s not the A-side, he’s 50 years old, his time past. And honestly, Khabib will beat him, in a boxing fight, in an air hockey fight, in a MMA fight, in a kickboxing fight. We have one fight left on the UFC contract, if they wanna do a boxing fight, we down. If they don’t want to do a fight, you know, we’ll go ahead and fight our last fight and maybe we can fight Floyd at the end of 2019. But for right now, Khabib is a UFC fighter, Dana White is our partner, and we’re gonna respect him.”

Ali Abdelaziz challenged the five-category boxing star to lock horns with Nurmagomedov inside the octagon. He further added that the living boxing legend should have to have enough money for life insurance” before stepping into the cage because his opponent was “too big & strong” and could easily submit Money.


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“[Mayweather] have to have enough money for really good life insurance…because he’s not gonna be walking anymore, he gonna be drinking water (through) a straw. Definitely Khabib want to box with Floyd, but I say, we do have a contract with the UFC right. They allow this Irish guy to fight…listen if Khabib really want it, I think he sit down with Dana, you know, we can make it happen.”

Both undefeated boxing and MMA champs faced off Conor McGregor as their last opponent. Khabib put an end to the grudge match by submitting him via fourth round neck crank, while Mayweather dispatched the Notorious a 10th round defeat after toying with him during the initial rounds.

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