Mayweather wants ‘Best Chef in The World’ at The Ringside on 2nd May

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has invited Gordon Ramsay, ‘the best chef in the world’ to have a ringside seat at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas on May 2 to watch his fight with Manny Pacquiao. However, Ramsay must prepare a celebratory meal for Mayweather’s after the mega-fight.

Preparations are in full-swing for what is dubbed as the ‘fight of the century’. Both Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao are sweating hard in training, with their respective social media accounts blazing up as if a presidential campaign was being run.

 In a recent update, Mayweather Jr. offered the British-chef Ramsay a ringside seat, expecting him to return the favour by preparing a post-fight meal for him. Chef Ramsay, who hosts the famous ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare’ is known for his blunt, outspoken behaviour and extra-ordinary culinary skills.

Calling Ramsay a huge pugilist fan, Mayweather Jr. said that if the Englishman wants ringside tickets, he will sort it out for him and do him one better by offering him the best seat in the house. However, he wants Ramsay himself to stand behind the stove to cook him a meal.

“All I want in return, after I win the fight, is to go a little way down the strip to his grill at Caesar’s Palace and have the best chef in the world cook me up chicken wings, a burger and cheesecake,” said Mayweather.

Mayweather further clarified that he does not want any of Ramsay’s employees or chefs to make the food; he would like Ramsay to do it personally as he wants the best chef to cook for him. “That’s not much to ask for ringside tickets,” Mayweather Jr. added.

Mayweather also stated that if he ever jumped into the food industry, he would like Chef Ramsay to help him build a restaurant business. Well, it is not as though Mayweather suddenly doesn’t have the money to venture into pastures new. It is worth mentioning that the Mayweather Vs Pacquiao super-bout is expected to become the highest grossing boxing match in the history with ringside tickets estimated to be as high as $5000 per seat.

It is unclear if Ramsay will agree to the offer, but it certainly will have his mouth-watering by now! Do you think Ramsay will accept the offer?