McDonald’s Calorie Guide – Know How Much Calories Your Favorite McDonald Meal Has

Have you been craving that scrumptious Big Mac lately? Are you headed out to grab your favorite vanilla shake through McDonald’s drive-through post workout? McDonald’s has some pretty amazing menus that are famous worldwide. But before you gulp down that sweet pleasure, have a look at our McDonald’s Calorie Guide that can help you delve into your sweet tooth by keeping your fitness intact.

This McDonald’s Calorie Guide consists  of the most popular McDonald’s item which you munch down religiously but have not once bothered noticing the nutritional value they offer.

Sausage McMuffin With Egg – Breakfast Done Right

A perfect combination of a sizzling sausage, freshly fried egg, some molten pasteurized cheese all layered on English muffins. This breakfast delight would give you 470 calories.

Chicken McNuggets – A Chicken Lover’s Dream Come True

Chances are that you must have indulged in this crispy, poultry treat often without considering the calories that you put on. Typically 6 Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds provide 270 calories.

Grand Mac – Burger Galore

McDonald’s new addition to its Big Mac offering, Grand Mac is mammoth in size to satiate those spiked tasted buds. This whopping grand burger is packed with 860 calories with 52 grams of fat.

McDonald’s Ice Cream Cone – Sweetly Sinuous

Looking to treat yourself? Well, nothing seems more fitting than a sweet sinuous McDonald’s ice cream cone. A single cone is going to give you 200 calories, 5g fat, 32g carbs and 5g protein.

Mac Jr. – Your Scalable Meal Plan

Mac Jr. is composed of same ingredients as Big Mac with a single-layer serving. A sole mouth-diffusing Mac Jr. will give you 480 calories.

Quarter Pounder With Cheese – A Tempting Blend Of Meat & Cheese

A tempting blend of meat with molten cheese caters for your culinary needs by providing you with 530 calories.

Hotcakes – They Sell

Seasoned with maple syrup and real butter, these mouth-melting round and golden hotcakes give you 600 calories.

Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese – Notched Up Temptation

A unique combination of double ground beef patties that are cooked right when you place the order to make the perfect blend of molten pasteurized cheese and juicy ground beef patties. A single double quarter pounder with cheese provides you with 770 calories.

Chocolate Shake (Small) – Pamper Yourself Tonight

Ideal for your cheat days, a chocolate shake from McDonalds comes with a velvety smooth vanilla soft serve and chocolate syrup, with a whipped topping. A small shake would give you 530 calories.

Oreo McFlurry – Wind It Up Sweetly

The perfect way to call it a day, 100g of McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry will give you 165 calories, enough to help you sleep tight.