Conor McGregor vs. Mayweather- Trash Talk

During the press tour, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather took verbal jabs at each other. The former besting the latter in most confrontations. The cursing, the bluster, and the smack were somehow only aimed at the fighters themselves.

After the press tour the talk was moving towards how rich this fight will make the two fighters, how each fighter could best the other, the story has been brought back towards trash talk.

McGregor did that by putting on an old Golden State Warriors Jersey and took it to another level.

Photo by: CSN

Getting Personal

McGregor was sending a clear message when he put that jersey on. It was a taunt that brings up a painful memory for Mayweather.

While we won’t go into that sordid history, it is apparent that McGregor will attempt anything to get under Mayweather’s skin.

‘Money’ is one of the most disliked celebrities, but he has received some sympathy after this dig.

Many people think that McGregor made it too personal by pulling this stunt.

From his perspective, he needs every edge possible for the Aug 29 bout.

Coming to Mayweather’s Defense

Mayweather did receive some support from an unlikely source.

The current Golden State Warriors number 23, Draymond Green, told ‘The Notorious’ that they were supporting Mayweather and he should take the jersey off.

McGregor hit back in fine fashion, basically telling him that he should stay out of it and calling him a ‘kid’.

Photo by: NBC

Here is the exciting part. You know that Draymond will not let this go. He is one of the best trash talkers in the NBA. He is famous for rattling his opponents.

It will be interesting to see how Green will respond to being called a kid.

There are more fireworks to come for sure.

We will keep you updated on how this story develops and others news surrounding the Mayweather vs. McGregor bout.

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