McGregor Vs Khabib 2

It seems UFC boss Dana White has hinted at a McGregor vs Khabib rematch. We all know about one of the greatest rivalries in the history of UFC. It seems UFC president Dana White potentially announces the McGregor vs Khabib 2!

The social media spat between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov is known to everyone these days. All this escalated when both the fighters took part in the post-fight brawl at UFC 229.

Conor flew to Brooklyn and threw a metal dolly on the bus full of UFC fighters Khabib Nurmagomedov was riding on. The Irishman wrecked UFC 223 apart, forcing Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg to withdraw due to lacerations.

McGregor went with a really harsh approach on the social media during pre-fight campaign. He even mocked khabib’s family and religion.

The Dagestani took everything to heart and exploded in the infamous UFC 229 brawl. Khabib choked McGregor out in the fourth round. This was the highest-selling pay-per-view in the history of mixed martial arts.

Since then the Irishman has tried different tactics to get another chance at the title but Khabib hasn’t been keen to fight him again. McGregor even tried good old tactics to entice Khabib for a rematch by bringing in his family and religion. However, “The Eagle” took a different approach and slammed “rapist” McGregor, looking back at his sexual assault allegations.

Dana White intervened and warned both fighters to stop posting such things on social media. Conor then “ended” his beef with Khabib.

The rivalry is not over yet but the social media spat between both has somehow halted for the time being. Khabib might fight Dustin Poirier in September while McGregor recently retired and then again hinted a comeback. Nevertheless McGregor Vs Khabib rematch doesn’t seem to be happening soon but the UFC boss Dana White leaves this opportunity open.

In a recent interview, Dana White stated that McGregor vs Khabib rematch may happen. Both \fighters might respect each other one day, but after a course of 7-10 rounds.

“I don’t think these guys are going to friends and hanging out and going to dinner and stuff.

“But listen, when you get in there with another guy and you fight it out for what would end up being seven, eight, nine, 10 rounds between these two, there ends up becoming a sort of mutual respect.”

“And I think we will get to a point someday where these two have a mutual respect for each other. They don’t have to like each other.”

Is Dana White hinting McGregor Vs Khabib 2? What are your thoughts on this?