This Mental Health Awareness Month Learn Hacks From Top Trainers To Push Away Stress

At RDX Sports, our mission is to help men live healthier, stronger and improved lives. On this Mental Health Awareness Month we seek advice from top trainers on how they beat their lack of motivation with their pragmatic approaches.  

We often face days when we don’t feel like doing anything at all. Most of us can relate to it, as it’s perfectly humane to sometimes shut out the noisy world and enjoy our quiet comfort zones. But then there are certain goals which have to be accomplished, some deadlines that need to be met. Sportsmen and athletes know the magnitude of a strictly-followed fitness regime. If you want to win it, you have to live it, no matter how alluring the comfort of your bed is. The only option that you have is to hit the gym as soon as your alarm goes off.

On such draining days, you need extra effort to kickstart your day. And then there are handful of people who can manage to knock off their lethargy by converting it into a passionate drive without much effort. But for majority of us, we need that added factor that can help us prune into our best forms.

This feature looks into the lives of top trainers and how they manage pumping iron along with motivation to realize unrealistic goals. By adhering to these life-changing counsels, you can not only feel mentally geared towards meeting your workout goals but also in acquiring a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle.

Tips To Improve Your Mental Endurance

David Jack – Cofounder Activlab

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Search For Greater Meanings

Perform your workout as part of a greater plan which you are looking forward to accomplish. Think about homeless children or a sick parent. It will no longer be an ordinary training session for you. It will be a cause. Jot it on your wrist and keep looking at it whenever you feel disconnected from your workout.

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Joe Holder – Creator OchoSystem

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Imagine The End

Thinking about the finish line before starting to run helps me cope up with my pre-workout stress. In my mind, I imagine the running track or its distance from beginning till the end and gather strength to deal with obstacles on the way. I think about what if I hit a wall and  then seek for solace.

Zach Forrest – CrossFit Max Effort

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Create A Rhythm

Connect your repetitions, moves or strides with your breathing so that a rhythm is created. Focus on maintaining the flow of the rhythm, which is common in endurance training. You can also incorporate it into circuits when you it gets too much to carry on.